Beach blast babes, a game that came to me in a dream.

It may sound outlandish but i saw a weight gain game in my dream last night. It was called beach blast babes and it was a tower defense game. From what i remember the plot was that the new stall on the beach was not nearly prepared enough for the onslaught of customers so all the other stalls banded together to defend it, the only other thing that i remember is that all the enemies were bird girls and that there was a ninja cat that you could put down that threw pizza. i do not have programming or artistic abilities however, i simply shared this because someone may gain inspiration from it. i also apologise if i have accidentally broken a rule by doing so, this is the very first topic i have ever created.


that is a really solid game idea.

I approve ideas from dreams

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Definitely writing this one down for later, have an idea of what could fit well with it.

It’s funny you mention bird girls because I am highly hyper-fixated on Rito characters right now!