Been away for a while need to get caught up to speed.

hey what’s good, used to browse here a lot but took a few months break. What are the big projects everyone’s into now? It’s not all RPG Maker games is it? (no disrespect to people making RPG maker stuff, you guys do hard work, they’re just not my cup of tea).

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There’s definitely some that aren’t rpgmaker games, but you would have to check the projects category for anything specific.

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tigertoo’ s The Weighting Game is far and away the best game on here right now in my book. Made on Renpy, it hits all the right notes of being the perfect blend between Visual Novel and sandbox game with some great DAZ 3D visuals and amazing storytelling.

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hell yeah I was following that before I left, glad to hear he’s still doing it, that game rocks.

and now he terminate it though so welp …