Belanika's Charger? And a Few Other Difficulties

Hey, I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to actually fix Belanika’s milker? I can get a temporary power crystal for it, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to find the fifteen circuit boards (?) for the mage to permanently fix the device. I have inventories overflowing with old batteries and old parts from Haze City, but unless I’m missing something they don’t seem to be helpful at all.

Also, how do I find the “strange” girl, who’s a purple haired cowgirl, again? I ran into her at the cafe and saw her walk into the forest, but haven’t been able to find hide nor hair of her since. And if you don’t mind my asking, where/when does the character Elise appear? I saw a picture of her in the image files but she seems completely MIA.

Really my one complaint about this fantastic game is that it is frequently almost impossible to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing to experience the content.

For that part of the quest you need to bring 15 old parts and bring them to the magic shop. there there will be an option to get her crystal fixed.

The strange girl? You can find her by searching around in the forest. with luck you’ll find an event and fine her attacked by a monster. you can save her to advance that quest.

I have no idea where Elise is found lol.

“Really my one complaint about this fantastic game is that it is frequently almost impossible to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing to experience the content.”

That’s totally true unfortunately. the stuff i make…I try to make things intuitive but its hard with this engine

Hrm. Is there a bug associated with the Belanika quest, then? I’ve gone to the Magic Shop several times with exactly fifteen Old Parts in my proxy’s inventory, and a bunch of times with several more, and I don’t ever see an option to trade them for the repaired charger.

Do you still have the broken charger in your inventory?

Hrm. I don’t know that I ever had one placed in my inventory. Is it supposed to physically show up there, or is it just associated with a character who has gotten the offer from the man who runs the Magic Shop?

Just to test it out, I quickly started up a fresh game and it doesn’t seem like meeting Belanika for the first time or continuing the quest at the Magic Shop ever puts an actual broken charger item into your inventory.

You’re right there isn’t actually an item given to you. I just started a new game and it works fine for me. Looking at the code it seems to be at least partially tied to a single proxy. so try that?

Yep, that did it. I just had to figure out which of my proxies was the original and have it be them that went to the Magic Shop. Thanks for the help; I really enjoy this game a lot!

Now if only someone somewhere had any idea who Elise was.

No problem!

Had another question, thought I should use this thread since it was already here. Is there a way in game to permanently grow vaginas? The Magic Dildo does it, but only very temporarily, and Expando-Cunt cream always says it doesn’t work even after using the Magic Dildo over and over.

Outside of altering scripts or the character directly, no there is not.

The only way to permanently grow your vagina is with the Expando-Cunt cream. To be able to use it and to have it have an effect is to overload your proxies vagina. I was able to do it only after getting a hyper-breeding proxy and training her vagina up to a pretty big size, she also has to be holding a pretty big load of cum as well to get the overload scene to pop. If you can get her to overload you’ll be able to meet Elise and to use the cream properly. If your confused at all look for the file magic_dildo_overload.walk under the events folder.

I was wondering where I get the uterus scanner

Its from the genetics guy in the hospital i think. However the events may be a bit buggy so make sure you save often if you play around with it

Thank you. And also, can partners from other races have children together, like a Kau and a human?

I’m not sure of the specifics, but it is possible but with much lower fertility chances. I’m not sure how it work out in the long run or which races are viable.

I think that they can all breed with humans but i don’t think a kau can breed with a catgirl. But I’m not sure. I just haven’t personally looked at that functionality all that much.

Thank you again for the help

No problem!

You are right, pure kau and neko’s is infertile to each other. But half-breeds with humans can change that. :slight_smile:

Is fertility with other races inheritable by the half-breed? Would it be possible to cross-breed a child that was fertile with multiple races?

Yes, fertility to specific race is inheritable with most other genes (almost all). So it’s quite possible. :slight_smile: