BELLY DIRECT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING |Accepting Applications for your game to be featured now!|

Thank you guys for your support! I am now announcing that we are hosting the belly direct given your input! If you’d like to be apart of the dev teams mentioned please apply on my discord!
Project: Quimbly


Also, to those applying the deadline is October 15th so please try and make haste if you’d like to apply

Not sure I’d be right for the group, but is there anything more you could say about it?

Any and all games are welcome as long as they have inflation, stuffing or weight gain as a mechanic. We put a little trailer on for them and leave links on the video where people can visit the creators pages : ).

Well… what about fatfurs in general?

like they’re just fat to begin with and do not get fatter? I mean if being fat has something to do with game play or story than sure, but if it just has a fat character I don’t think this is the right place…

Today is the final day to apply for the belly direct so make sure you do if you’re hesitant!