Belly mod patreon details

So I’ve decided I’m going to set up a patreon in the next month or so. I figured i would give some details.

I’ve decided to leave my current job because i want to finish my novel (if anyone want to follow its development, pm me and i’ll give you the link for my tumblr). I have a sum of money that I’ve saved up that i plan to use to pay off all my bills for the next 6 months or so. the only other expenses that I’ll have is food pretty much. This means that I’m going to be doing a lot of writing. I’m also going to have some free time back, which means that some of the writing is going to be for the belly mod. If i can get some extra food money then things will be great!

So as for the details of my patreon… It’s going to be mostly a tip jar, if you can give a dollar? that’s fantastic! I don’t want it to be just that though, i want to offer something for someone who wants to give more. Here is my rough idea for benefits not including my continued work on the main mod.

5$: gets you a custom item or simple event.

An item include researching calories and what not (if it’s a food item) or any other appropriate research.

a simple event would be adding something simple into the game. Something like, adding a new outcome to the waitress job for example.

20$ Worm with me to create a quest chain along the size of the Felis quest or the Cafe quest.

50$ “Work on this feature god damned it!” : still undecided on this one. basically, i have a a list of features i’m planning on. this option would make me shift some of my priority to an item of your choosing.

All these options are subject to my personal tastes. This is simply for practicality reasons, as I’m not going to be able to really make content as well for fetishes far outside of my interests. Obviously I’ll be venture a ways outside of my comfort zone. If you’re not sure, please contact me beforehand and we can talk about it

Topics i will NOT touch

[li]further space on the list for anything i haven’t considered[/li][/ul]

Once I’ve made any content I’m going to release it in a separate mod-pack for anyone to download. (I don’t like pay walled content, and i don’t think its effective either. I also don’t feel like fucking around with figuring out a system for delayed time release). Stuff that i think fits well with the main mod will be included there too, and i will do my best to make all the content compatible with the main mod.

If either of these options become very popular, i might raise the price (due to demand) or limit the amount of people who can get these options. that’s a bridge to cross later though.

Please leave your thoughts and suggestions!