Big Fatties Themed Builds/Building Thread

I liked to use a combination of the Rusty Panels and Rusty Metal blocks painted white to make it seem like rusty versions of the smooth metal/laboratory themed blocks. The way I build is that I have the Rusty Panels and the actual building so walls/floors/ceilings and the Rusty Metal as the background. One of the other things I like to do is m have Rusty Panels in doorframe backgrounds for some extra variety

Erchius crystals (and everything Erchius related) is fairly mysterious and not fully understood. Some have claimed they are the remnants of the Ruin when it was defeated by the Cultivator, others insist that they are the result of some other eldritch creature, and with some individuals saying that is just a naturally occurring in the galaxy. Nevertheless, one of the things that has intrigued researchers is the fact that everything Erchius related seems to have one thing in common; weight gain. Drinking or coming into physical contact with liquid Erchius fuel causes significant weight gain, Erchius Raditation without a Erchius Horror nearby can cause steady weight gain, individuals turned into Moontants by Horror-tainted Radiation can spray enemies with a sludge that is extremely fattening on contact, and Erchius Ghosts can magnify the radiation given off by the crystals or fuel a lunar miner has on them, making weight gain extremely rapid. Scientists are still not 100% sure how to view this but are determined to find a cause for it.

On the surface of [REDACTED] is a fairly small research facility tucked away inside a small snowcave. Near the back side of the cave is a concealed hatch that often remains buried by snow along with a miniature security camera nearby. If you have the proper credentials, you will be allowed inside the reclusive facility. Once you go through the full-body scanner and decontamination chamber, you will be greeted with the central room of the building. On the east side of the building is a testing chamber on the effects of extremely high levels of Erchius Radiation emitted by Erchius Crystals. Unlike the rest of the experiments this is a purely voluntary test done by willing volunteers. On the west side is the staff area with a lounge/break room, sleeping quarters, and a medical bay to ensure the well being of staff and prisoners alike.

At the base of the central room is yet another hatch for descending further down into the facility. Floor -1 has a prison cell dedicated to the effects of physical contact with Liquid Erchius Fuel along with having the laboratory’s storage room. Floors -2 and -3 have variations of the Erchius Crystal Radiation test with intermittent periods of high exposure and prolonged periods of moderate exposure both being tested. On both floors is a massive Erchius Crystal sample used for generating the Liquid Erchius Fuel and chunks of the crystal for testing. Floor -2 is the control room for monitoring the crystal’s status in its antigravity containment area while Floor -3 is for storing the Liquid Erchius Fuel for testing. Despite the best attempts there still are low levels of radiation that leak out of the sample room which, though far from being dangerous to health or waistlines, still pose an issue. Personnel that enter the room are to avoid staying the designated hazard zone for over 2 minutes and staff are to avoid staying in the room for over 6 hours a day. Hazmat suits, lead-lined suits, and other methods of containing radioactive materials have no influence on the radiation so the best defense is putting as much of anything between you and the emission source along with keeping your body fat to a minimum. Much like normal radiation, the more surface area you have exposed to the radiation source the exponentially larger impact the radiation will have on you.

Research has still not found any biological reason as to why the radiation causes weight gain or even how the radiation is caused in the first place, but with any luck a scientific breakthrough could be only a few months away.


Boom! This thread is a thing! Got a little bored and decided to do a tiny build, mayhaps inspired by a certain hylotl sumo wrestler. Don’t accept any odd offers for scientific studies, especially when you’re led to an underground facility.


The amount of detail in this build is quite impressive. I especially like the mix of background blocks and the incorporation of various things like the block-built lard tanks above the feedie props. Would never have thought to do that.

Thank yah, thank yah. Just a lil’ something something, nothing too major! Good to work old skills in a new medium.

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