Big Pal Project - 0.2 (A weight gain mod for Palworld) Updated 02/19

Are you referring to them in the party view or when you spawn them?

I just double checked and Dinossom is the one I noticed was seemingly unaffected by food. the others seemed to be fine outside of the party view for the most part.

Yep, thats a known issue. We have a fix for it which should be coming out with the next update here soon. As for the party view, those dont technically exist in game so the system does not apply to those. We might try to find a way to do that in the future but its not a high priority atm


Thanks for letting me know. I’m looking forward to that update.

How do I properly install it? I put the file in the correct folder. I think.

See the instructions section in the first post. Should have what you need

Okay, I think I did everything as instructed, but, still getting the same result.

It said to install the first thing in the same place as the final mod, correct?

Amazing mod, what program are you using to edit the models?

If I am understanding correctly, UE4SS actually need to be installed in a binary directory and not the same directory where you would install the mod.There should be instructions on the github page but if you keep having issues feel free to DM me and I can try to help you through the issues.

I think most of the team is using blender but you can use any editor that can import and export fbx.

So, is the binary directory just a separate folder to put the UE4SS File into?

The readme has the instructions of where to copy the files to. Replace Gamename with palworld in general.


From a youtube comment:

the 3.0 version no longer use the Xinput
it also makes my game crash when i start booting my offline world

EDIT : Resolved the issue by setting “bUseUObjectArrayCache” to “false” in the UE4SS-settings.ini file.

I had to use this myself lol

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yeah setting bUseUObjectArrayCache” to “false" in the UE4SS-settings.ini file fixed all my problems for like all my UE4SS mods and like made my load time soooo much quicker

but dinoblossom still doesnt gain but the devs know abt this problem so yeah :slight_smile:

Man I can finally get it to work properly now lol. I just ended up using the previous version of it. Also hey Banana, nice to see you here!

Which version of UE4SS?

We are using the latest so 3.0 and up should work

The models are implemented correctly however they don’t start at a normal weight and gain weight like in some of the videos, they just are at their highest “weight” and this is with me using the 3.0.0 version, otherwise no other issues

That is normal, its just how the fullness system works in Palworld and we have not found a way to set the Pals fullness on capture.

The models are pretty good! Althrough, No fat limbs or fat neck?

Pretty sure somebody could work with that. For now they need time to figuring on every models and mod itself.