Big Pal Project - 0.4.1 Hotfix (A weight gain mod for Palworld) (4/5 Update Delayed to 4/19)

What about Mammorest?

Its on the list. Just depends on when one of the volunteers want to pick it up.

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You are doing great work, nice :3c

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no problem! just making sure is all, glad to know that was the issue. cant wait to see them when they are finished.

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Its Friday again and here is the 0.4 drop! This release we do not have very many new pals as most of our focus was diverted to working on having different gain shapes for male and female pals for what we are calling the new M/F System. Thats right, pals will now have different gain shapes depending on their sex! Unfortunately, did not get any time this week to record some of these new pals so you will just have to check them out for yourselves lol.

One quick thing to note is not all pals with have distinct gain shapes though so if both the male and female pals look the same it could be:

  1. The pal was not converted yet (check the change log below for what ones have)
  2. The difference between the pals is very slight
  3. It did not make sense for that pal to have different shapes for male vs female so they both use the same.

As usual, changelog will be below and the release can be found in the releases section in the OP.

Changelog - 0.4.0


  • Added M/F System
    • Male pals will now use the FatMale shape key
    • Female pals will now use the FatFemale shape key
  • Anubis
  • Woolipop


  • Katress updated to work with M/F system
  • Vixy updated to work with the M/F system
  • Daedream updated to work with the M/F system
  • Elphidran updated to work with the M/F system
  • Flopie updated to work with the M/F system
  • Wixen updated to work with the M/F system
  • Lovander updated to work with the M/F system
  • Dazzi updated to work with M/F system
  • Quivern updated to work with the M/F system


  • Support for the shape key Fat has been deprecated and will be removed in future versions

:+1:Fair enough and again great work

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Anubis looks super great here! loving the size and shape it got. And great work on the new system here giving males and females some distinct shapes. this mod is nothing short of amazing with the modders going crazy with these pals. Do wonder how the new pal announced would look in the very future once it drops. Keep doing the epic work!


I don’t see leezpunk get any fatter after I feed it is there something am I doing something wrong wise or do I have to toggle something in order for it to work wise?

Can you confirm if any of the other ones are working and if it is Leezpunk or Leezpunk Ignis?

Yea I’ll be sure to check the others as well as I get them wise good sir

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I just noiced something isn’t right with two pals, only wild one (I mean one that hasn’t captured with palshere) Lamball has smallest dots and Chikipi eyes are gone. This mod works well for me and I don’t know why.

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Odd, thought we had that issue fixed. Ill work on trying to confirm it and see what we can do. Thanks for the info!

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I’ve been doing my first playthrough of palworld with this mod and it’s been awesome!

However, I’ve noticed two glitches:
Dinossom still doesn’t grow from flabby form to stuffed, it’s just always at the default model
Some pals are faceless in the wild
Lamball’s buttons disappear at higher weights

Otherwise it’s been awesome though!

One suggestion I would make is to have weight be a separate bar from fullness, or have an option for it. The simplicity is part of the appeal, but maybe having an invisible “total food meter” be tied to the weight instead would make it feel more weight gain and have pals actually be visible growing rather than always at the biggest size. I know that’s a lot of work and maybe out of the scope of the project, but it is very much something I would like to see.


So i did stream the game last night. I also haven’t steamed in months so. Yeah.


I played the stream off as an act, i do bring up in stream over how the models are well done and do bring up the slight visual glitches. It was also a stream that made me learn more on palworlds mechanics

Overall, i had a very wonderful time and this was not to antagonize the mod team.


I watched the video and I gotta say, my favorite part has gotta be at the beginning when you’d snort back a laugh every time you saw a Dinossom.

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Also, has anyone else had a problem with Dinossom’s textures being a bit… off?


New game update has came, hopefully it didn’t do damage to the mod or something. And to what’s comes tomorrow. Very excited to see who gonna get the weight gain and what male/female diversity we gonna see.

I am sure devs are awaiting of that.

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I don’t have the strongest graphics card (AMD RX 580), so that may just be on my end.

Glad you enjoyed some of the stream. It was also just showing a friend how Palworld works.

I’m hoping to do another some day. This was also the first time I’ve done any fetish based content on the channel, so i dunno if I’ll stream it again modded.

Mod is fun and i like the sizes of seeing everyone different.