Blueberry in Myto City - Text Adventure - 0.1.2

Hey fellow fatty lovers, I’ve been working on a weight-gain/vore text adventure for a while now and figured it would be best to post it here, up until now I’ve only really been posting on Eka’s Portal.

Play “Blueberry in Myto City” Here
The game’s page on Eka’s

You are Blueberry the Slime, a carefree young blob who’s spent her whole life living in the Slime Colony under Myto City.
You spend your days lounging around and eating whatever you can fit in your mouth, while trying to avoid being eaten by larger Slimes.
Today however, you were awoken and told that you have a special task ahead of you, it’s time to go and be the best Slime you can be!

Blueberry can eat anything smaller than she is to grow larger, one fifth of the weight she eats will be converted directly into mass.
Blueberry’s minimum size is 30kgs, she won’t grow any smaller no matter what you do.
Her maximum size is 1000kgs.
Trying to eat creatures larger than you might be dangerous, use the Look function to check if they’re hungry or not.
There are a few secrets hidden here and there so look out for them.

If you encounter any dead-end that mentions “Chainsaws” it means that I haven’t written anything for this area yet and it will be added in a future update.



23/11/21 V0.1.0 Initial release
06/01/22 V0.1.1 Winterfest (Christmas) Event added, some work on the hallways, screen cleaner added to inventory
14/02/22 V0.1.2 Finished Hallways, added portraits for Unique NPC’s (Strawberry, Dr. Fine etc), minor changes to layout.

Working on - Maybel’s Farm + some Mutant Kingdom

Coming up

-City Centre/City Hall
–Myto City Girl’s School
–Goblin Cafe
-Entertainment District
–The Arena
–Failing Smoothie Store

Bonus Areas (detached from the main world and not entirely canon)
-Holiday Events
–Chocolate Day (easter)
–All Spooks Eve (Halloween)
-Travel Agent



As with my previous adventure Hungry Quest 3 (not posted here because no real WG content), I’m open for suggestions about what you want to see in Myto City.
There will be a few basic rules to make sure your ideas can make it into the game.

  1. Don’t interfere with the main quest. I want to keep the “story” of Blueberry pretty straightforward, you eat the regional Rulers and take over the city (or get the secret ending).
  2. Nothing too complicated. A simple side area or a couple of NPCs is fine, maybe even a short mission to go on, don’t expect a full narrative or anything.
  3. Keep within the laws of the world. Myto City is a place where everyone eats everyone else but it does have limits, a human can’t eat 50 other humans no matter how hard they try.
  4. Pictures. If you want your suggested NPC to have a portrait then feel free to PM one over with the details of the character, images should be about 500x500px.
  5. Your NPC will be edible. I don’t care if your OC is the apex predator of their world, they’re just another snack in Myto City!

Reminds me of an old game called “Fishy” except it’s a text adventure, so that’s interesting.

Welcome to the forum! I found this first on Eka’s and thought it lovely, so glad you decided to share here as well. :slight_smile:

I think I remember that one, it was one of those “start as a small fish and grow into a big fish” games, right? I had no idea what vore was back when I played those but I knew I loved eating things!

Thanks for the welcome, I don’t think I’ve had someone call my work “lovely” before, but I’m glad you liked it.