Bucculentus First Test File.

Hey guys,

Here’s the first file ever.
It’s not much yet, but my lack of experience exporting required a test before i spend another few hours compiling.

Exit with alt+F4


Very cool! The idea is not bad) On what platforms will be the game?

At this point, before you make any more assets for it, you should get a more concrete idea of what you’re setting out to accomplish; that might be a major obstacle for you. What systems will you have in place? You mention that there will be a lot of menus. What will these entail? Choosing paths in a narrative, like in a visual novel? Or, more like Tamagotchi and its ilk, choosing various activities to increment your pet/celebrity’s attributes? If the latter, what are the costs of choosing one activity over another?

Otherwise, I’ll say that I tend toward furries and would enjoy seeing them. In regards to making weight fun… Not sure. Aside from unlockable “scenarios” that might occur while performing various activities (getting stuck in doors, breaking furniture, etc.), as is often noted, if you’re realistically trying to portray the consequences of weight, you’re unlikely to be making the game fun for the player.

As added feedback, perhaps have the character’s arc take them from celebrity/model to… Fat-fetish model, whatever you call that. It would establish a source of income for the player and justify the character’s continued public presence and eventual advocacy.

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Now those are the questions and answers im looking for!
I’ll try my best below and let me know what you think!

The menus are mainly things like schedules, stats, societal opinions and other stuff you’d want to know.
The player wont be the protagonist. But more of a voice in her head. Or devil on her shoulder to whisper all kinds of delicious consumables into her ear. (with some interactions planned in her dreams maybe, when the barrier between realities is weakest )
(with some stats hidden to spice it up (Maybe only for patrons :wink: (nah it’ll be free, honest, pinky promise(weight gaming specific cheat code confirmed))).

It probably wont have much of a story other than what your rival is up to.
Who is antithetical to whatever change you try to make.
And will try slander, blackmail and other things to keep you from making those changes.

And when it comes to the incremental attributes, it’ll all be on sliders.
It’s kinda Kudos 2 inspired (there’s a demo for those interested. Weight content is minimal but i think you can mod it).
So whatever you gain in stats will be lost/regained over time.
But more dynamic as it’s more about how you gain the rescources you need (food, money, exposure) to get to where you want to be.

So when you have fattened her up quite nicely but society is still on the thinner end of the spectrum.
Your rival comes by compromising photographs about her drawbacks with all the added pounds.
This will make your pet want to slim down, so she will go on a diet for an X amount of time or want to reach X weight by X time.
End Scenario.

So there are on the sliders 3 points.

  1. where your pet is currently at. (this will determine what way society changes when you get positive exposure)
  2. what society finds favourable (this is where your pet wants to go with negative exposure.)
  3. what your rival is trying to turn society towards. (This is always antithetical to where your pet is at or where society has changed towards. This is where society goes when you are negatively exposed.

Exposure will be things like, photo shoots, going outdoors, tabloid news, interviews(with (trick) questions), your relations (this won’t be a focus), your clothes giving out in public(probably wont work out in your favor).
Blackmail, rival influences,

There’ll be a set amount of time when there’s the “ending” after which you will immediately enter new game plus with whatever stats you have and the timer starts anew.
With a running theme of “No matter how bad it gets, it’s salvageable”.

Kudos 2


Pc, in Unreal4
and if that doesnt cut it i’ll give unity a shot.

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I don’t mind it being a furry game.

@knerf999 Can you also make it MAC compatible PLEASE!!

apparently i need a mac to compile it for mac.
I dont have a mac.

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@knerf999 Dang it. I guess I won’t be able to play it then.

Consider finding someone who does have a mac and can help you recompile it

You can also use Wine on Macs. YMMV, but for most of the Windows-only games published here, Wine has worked for me on Linux.

I’m considering leaving it open source so people can both compile and add to the game if it ever goes dead.

That is always great with things as niche as these.
I have seen too many (slightly chubby) corpses of projects, to get excited for most closed source things.

Lets hope i get this off the ground first before we get around to hoping it leaves a nice corpse.
I’ve already ran into the realization i was having a Dunning Kruger moment when i made the topic :stuck_out_tongue:
But thanks for the votes of confidence nonetheless

is it gonna be made android compatible? of not than please do it.

I hope you get this off the ground! Sounds like a great project!

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You could set up a VM to compile for Mac. I currently only know how to get Ubuntu (Linux) to work (which is really cool). VM Oracle Virtual Box Is what I’m using, and I can help a tiny bit with installing an OS. Just a suggestion if you really need to compile on Mac. I’ll try getting a Mac environment in the near future so I could help a little more.

I’ll keep you posted.
Still learning the ropes of the Unreal Interface in what little time and energy i have to spare.

Will inflation be a thing?

Please make it compatible for android and is there already a link for the game or not?