Bucculentus Identidem (proof of concept, with working files this time)

So i got a little brainbug for a clicker game i needed to get out of my system.
Enjoy this barely a game piece of work.
Made in 5 days, might update later with positive reception/constructive critisism.

click the button to keep the fullness high and there’ll be some expanding happening.

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This is just an executable. Attempting to run it gives an error message. “Couldn’t load project path blahblahblah is the .pck file missing?”

Interesting! I’ve always wanted to see more weight gain related clicker games, so I will definitely be keeping a look at this one.

thanks for the info, i’ll repost in less than 15 minutes.
It’s my first compile in godot. Apologies :sweat_smile:

edit: re-uploaded

At first, I thought this game would be like Chub Chomp Chill, except it’s not (I guess it’s the style of the characters that made me think of that, haha). The weight will only go up when the fullness goes above 80% and not if the fullness goes above 0%. It feels so strange that the character will slim down if they’re not painfully full. :smile:

Also, hey a fellow Godot Engine user! :heart:
If you’re planning to export without the console, make sure to uncheck “Export with Debug” when you’re exporting the project! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thanks for the tips!