Cafe stuffing with Dani

Dear all!
I’ve tried to make more dialogues, since it is one of the main weakness, as I see from the comments. I read them and appreciate both positive and negative feedback.
And also belly is growing bigger, than in Kris version.

See the looks from the game:


I’m not sure if charging 7 bucks was the right call if you wanted to get feedback, its a hit or miss if people of this community actually want to spend money or not.

Im probably gonna keep my eyes on the project for now, but with the provided screenshots, it doesnt really look original enough for me to be interested in buying. What does this game have that we can’t find on this site for free?


I agree. I don’t mind supporting artist and content creators because I basically view it as an investment that will yield dividends as it spurs more interest, basically like funding stuffing/WG fetish propaganda, but if you want money I would prefer to see something a bit more ambitious.
Not saying you don’t have the right to charge people, because you do. But maybe consider releasing a series of games (which you seem to already be doing) or put all the work into a larger more ambitious game and starting a patreon to find reliable financial support while you create. Also imho small projects like this are better to release for free because it will build a fanbase of people who would support you into the future when you move on to larger games.


Imma keep it real with you chief, 7 dollars for a game that has minutes of playtime is not the way to go


I could understand the charge if say, every asset was custom made, but this is just renpy’s base graphics and a 3d model software that’s constantly used all around the site.

Not to mention this is just a reskin of one of the creator’s other games (which is priced for 2 bucks)


so expensive for this game

Guys, thank you for your feedback mostly about the price) I’ll think about it for the future games. This game is not only a reskin, but also have different feeding mechanics and weight gain and more dialogues and so on. If you see a lot of content like this here, please show me, because I do not( I started doing this because of the lack of the stuffing content. All the belly morphs are custom made. Also I understand your feed back and be sure it is very important to me and I’ll do my best to create better content)

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They may be custom morphs, but I’m afraid they don’t look any better than the usual Daz belly morphs


Too bad, I would try better)
I like your game very much, by the way)

I’m sorry mate, but 7 bucks for an early piece like this is not a good idea from a business perspective. You will not get very honest, consistent, or happy comments if you charge cash right out of the gate.


Thanks, I understood about the price, I would not make this mistake in future