Can anyone help me figure out what game this is?

So, there’s this “content creator” on YouTube who uploads clips of WG and inflation games for profit, and never mentions the name of the game, credits the creator, or anything like that. I don’t really have anything to go with but “wg rythm game” which hasn’t turned up anything relevant.

Here’s the video. It’s an Invidious link because I don’t want to give this awful person any more view statistics.


Oh that rat Kusemek. NO credit is given to the artist, some day hes gonna get in trouble


@SquirrelGirlDGT did a playthrough of this I guess it’s called witch chungha. WITCH CHUNGHA’S FAIL - Weight Gain Game - YouTube

Credit goes to her for the link to the dev’s twitter. :underage:Smile 데부계 on X: “Play time : 3 minute ~ Ending : One ending If there are any bugs other than the control key, please let me know I’ll fix it (maybe…)” / X (

I am not familiar if there is a more up to date version or not, but this should help you out.


Ah, nice, thanks! I subscribe to SquirrelGirl, I guess I just haven’t seen that one.

Looks like the title might be “Monster Buster Operation”? IDK, that’s the only hashtag that stands out. That tweet is also the only one with that hashtag, so I guess that’s the only version.

Thanks again for the help.


Oh he credits the creators of the games he shows off… on his Patreon. And you have to pay to get them.

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Mighty sure this is in violation of some EU law

That makes no fucking sense.

Oh, I credit people alright. But people only see it after paying me money!

Absolutely braindead.

Yeah! What an absolute asshole. Really one of the only moral reasons to use Kemono is to bypass his asshole paywall.


This is like posting someone else’s fanart and then charging people money to know who originally made it.

This is literally extoring money off of other’s people works.

This clown should credit people without hiding it behind a paywall.

Utter stupidity.

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