Can provide writing and music, looking for 1 or maybe 2 partners

Hello! I know that the event is pretty far off but it’s never too early to start throwing around some ideas and speculations. I have a couple ideas about game ideas and such, but unfortunately my areas of expertise do not fall into the programming/arting sections. I am here and available for partnership, if you’re interested in partnering up I can provide you with my ideas, make a soundtrack and write up any descriptions/dialogue needed for the game.


I have a decent amount of Unity 3D knowledge. I’m down for programming as long as we’re not expecting a AAA product or something. unless it’s Bethesda quality, that’s not much pressure. Been a long time lurker here, so I would like to think I have a decent frame of reference.

I wouldn’t worry about AAA quality for Gain Jam games. Not to put down any of the works, most of them were quite wonderful, but you have to remember - participating members of the Gain Jam have two weeks to finish it, and just considering people’s lives leads to problems. If you participate and manage your time properly, I’d expect a well made game, but not something AAA.

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Yeah, I already more or less have some ideas for different genres, we could discuss stuff on discord, if you have one?

Perfect! DM me for that discord info and we can discuss more there! It’s probably the best place to reach me tbh