Can someone explain how to get custom morphs to work in Daz3D?

Nvm, I figured it out

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a) do you know how to use daz3d before getting this product? b) place the file exactly where the heviestate tutorial explains for you to place the file.


I have a basic understanding of how it works, also I’m having trouble because I have it all installed on my B drive because of a lack of space on my C drive.

In windows all drive space issues can be solved via symbolic links aka directory junctions.

Daz3d content is not needed to boot a computer, so the fact it tries to automatically install itself to the C drive is confusing. Almost all programs and games do this.

This allows you to take something installed to your C drive, move it in file explorer to the B drive, then tell the OS via command line to pretend that content is still in the C drive.

It works a bit like a desktop shortcut, only instead of being for the human to use it’s for the OS to use, so it’s done at a base level and is seemless.

My main guess though is that you’ve simply placed the files in the wrong location.

On my computer I have this folder:

V:\Daz3d Files\My Daz3d Library V Drive\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 8\Female\Morphs\HEVIESTATE3D

Which contains the subfolder SONSY WEIGHT GAIN SYSTEM

I also have the folder V:\Daz3d Files\My Daz3d Library V Drive\Runtime\textures
which contains HevieState3D

After that the morphs are accessed the same way as normal in daz3d.

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Ig I figured it out, I was straight up not reading