Chaldea Feeder Master (Fate/GO Fan Game) (Version 1.7 Out Now!) (Now with LIVE2D!)

Update 1.7

Yo! What’s up people? Time for another round of Updates to the best Fate Fat Fan Game (aka the only one that I know off).

Update 1.7 is bringing some new characters and some much needed tuning to the previous LIVE2D models. I’ve also have a bit of annoying news to share here, but we get there when we get there. So, without further ado:


Update 1.7 brings the Emperor of Roses herself, Nero, the winner of our Saberface Patreon, to the game. Nero has a 7 stage progession, and is completely animated! As always, I hope you guys enjoy interacting with her!

Using the fact that Nero is animated as a hook, let me say here that, as result of popular demand, the Live2D models are here to stay, since most people liked them and prefer them from stills. That being said, your complains didn’t go unheard, and for that reason, I’ve made several upgrades to their models,ranging from minimizing the warping to slowing down their models (don’t want anyone getting nauseated from playing my game, haha.)

As a little addendum, while I was tweaking Ereshkigal, I decided that she needed another embarassed face that didn’t look as “severe” as her current only one, so I made a “blush face” to replace it where it seems to fit.

Now for the annoying part. It seems like costumes won’t be able to be a feature in the game. The big problem stems from the fact that the Live2D image command competes with the CompositionSwitch image command, meaning that I can’t switch between Live2D models like I do sprites. I’ve spent 2 days trying to figure something out (the boys at discord know what I’m talking about) and I’ve got nothing. So instead of delaying this update more, it’s better to just admit defeat and say that costumes are suspended until there is a solution.

With that said, CFM has it’s own discord server. If you want the best way to keep up with the game’s development as I’m working on it, this is the best place. The guys even got to playtest this current version of the game 1 day earlier to see if they find any bus before I release it. So if your interested, come join us!!


Version 1.0

Version 1.1

Version 1.2

Version 1.3

Version 1.4 [HOTFIX]

Version 1.5:

Version 1.6:

Version 1.7:

The Future:
Here is what is planned for now:

A new character decided by the guys over at Patreon. Probably also animated.
Animations for old characters (maybe)
Working on the bios with the 3 sizes (maybe)

Anyway, that should be all for now. If you do end up playing the game, please leave some feedback for me to read. Again, this is my first real experience with making a game so any criticism is appreciated.

Alright, boys, let’s not waste any more time because I know what we are all here for. The Second December Character Poll! This one was close. Like, really, really close. But without further ado, the winner isssss:

Ara ara! Minamoto-no-Raikou!

Here is how the voting went:

Raikou - 53.33%
Tomoe - 40%
Musashi - 7%

If the character you voted for didn’t win, don’t be discouraged! These are very popular characters and will eventually have a second chance!

And, as promised, the next character poll is already up on the Patreon! The theme this time is Kemonomimi (animal ears)! It features:

Suzuka-Gozen and

If you have any interest in voting on one of these and supporting me on the way, don’t forget to check the Patreon.

As always, thank you for your support - Onigashima


Is it possible to go further when the girl is on the fatest level ?

Interesting stuff. I would love to see more progress on this game

The download link seems faulty. It wont load properly in chrome and leads to some shady website in firefox. Not sure if its an issue on my end or not, though from what youve described it seems interesting. Gonna keep an eye on this one for now.
EDIT: Im on windows so I tried that download link. The MAC one seems to work perfectly fine.

A project about FGO nice.
I really liked the game!
i hope to see more interactions with the characters and more weight stages .
Keep up the good work!

Looks like “Penelope’s Christmas”

Hey there! As of the current version of the game, the 7th stage is the max and it will probably stay that way for a little while. Going beyond that would be getting into blob territory and I want to have a better grasp on drawing this kind of thing before attempting to do it.

So for now, the fattest level is the cap.


I’m … not sure what to say. The links were done the exact same way through Mediafire and I can open both the same on Chrome. Glad that you found a fix, I just hope Mediafire isn’t doing anything weird my links lol

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I am looking forward to the update then! Lol! Great work!

Well this is a good start It just need some more work like more dialog and more food that you can feed her.

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This has been an enjoyable game, I’m looking forward to more characters in the future

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Very cute little prototype! It’s not much of a game just yet but I still enjoyed it a lot and your artwork is really cute! I can’t wait to see how the game evolves as you add more features and such, good luck to you, I’ll be sure to play it again after a few updates! :smiley:

A great start I’d say. Simple but effective. Very excited to see how this develops.

This is a lovely game friend… And i would live to see that second character.

Hot Damn this is great! I cant wait to see where you go with this, the art is really good and the concept is fun!

I like this game. Of the disadvantages, I can only note that it is too small/short, too easy and too fast to pass. I look forward to the game getting bigger and better)).

For real though if Mordred with booty shorts was added I’d be willing to pay for that!Also great work on the art!

Hey, thanks for the kind words! If I do end up doing Mordred I would probably also choose the Apocrypha Spiritron Dress (the one with the red jacket and booty shorts). Maybe even a toggle between forms if people really want.


Really enjoyed this game so far, despite not actually being a huge Fate fan! It was cute and simple, and of course it will get better with more content and effort. I will say, some of the exposition at the beginning is a little tedious, and the major critique I have is with the cooking system. It’s hard to tell what exactly she’s looking for besides Stampot (Which food is “salty”??), and the random get a recipe once a day thing often gives you the same one or two daily despite like 6 recipes being in the game. (every day I get told how to make stampot, with once a week being told how to make curry, and yet later the game asks me to make pancakes lmao). So that would be my only complaint is that, in this early unfinished state, the cooking/recipe gathering is frustrating at times.

Loving the game so far! I didn’t expect an update so soon, keep up the good work!