Character Age Description

It has been a long time since I was active with Fetish Master. I used to “translate” the events and descriptions to be more legible as h.coder was not fluent in English, and would directly upload to a repository he had set up for me, my last commit was August 2014.

I present to you a little something I quickly put together tonight to show the age of the proxy in the various appearance windows that you see in the game. Although this is not that helpful on its own, it does help those who use the Proxy Gen Start Menu Mod and would like to have a proxy of a specific age like I do. It currently covers ages 14-30 as I modify the birthage bodypart (not included) so that proxies are generally created younger than 30, and so that you can see the age of a proxy starting at the minimum control age of 14. I have found that on occasion the description age doesn’t match what the game outputs for age on the proxy select menu, but in most cases it seems to and will only be off by 1 year…
There is also a small fix to the baby description to include a period that was missing as I was modifying the templates already.

The attached files are for both an unmodified game, and for those using Dohavocom’s Belly Mod.

If you would like to include the age in any events that you write, or if you want to modify your own description template, you can just add the below text anywhere, but you will need the genericage.descr from either of the attachments.

<%IncludeRange(ctv.getAge(), "genericage");%>

Attachments updated with change from h.coder and Dohavocom version updated with most recent version of their modded file.

Always happy to see more moders! I’ll take a look in a few days when i have some free time.

Welcome to the forums!

Indeed. Going to go ahead and give you the developer tag. As Dova said, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for that but I don’t really plan to be doing much with the game other than maybe continuing to spend more time rewriting some of the original content as I had done before. I will probably need to go through the old local copy I have and see what I had fixed before halting both because of my own time disappearing and h.coder having his own life issues that put a public halt on developing. That will be a separate post if I do continue.

This little mod here is really done though, unless someone wants more ages added, although that is pretty simple to do if you figure out the hours each age would have been alive.

Sorry to bump this after so long, but isn’t this technically broken? You’re looking at the birthage stat, which is fine around the time a character is generated, but it only measures the age of the proxy when created - it quickly becomes out-of-sync with actual character age, especially when playing a long-term game.

Well, maybe it’s not so intuitive, but to get actual character age you can use this method: character.getAge();
So, right script for this mod will be:

<%IncludeRange(ctv.getAge(), “genericage”);%>

“generic.birthage” gene is special and used only for generating characters with specific age. It’s not even passed to children.

Thank you h.coder for that. getAge is not something I had seen when I was trying to figure out what to call as it isn’t used often in the vanilla game and seems to be used for checking conditions to start things. I will update this thread with that change.