Chel's simple introduction.

hey i’m chel, an artist, writer, and beginner game dev of sorts. been messing around with Twine and Quest for fun lil’ text-focused stuffs so far. figured I’d make a lil simple introduction post since I’m in the final stages of my first kink-focused game and definitely wanna share it on this site soon. in the future ill mess around with making things in rpg maker and one of the many visual novel engines, but gonna do baby steps until then.

right now only focusing on solo work for games in general (including SFW ones), but i might be open in the future to helping out with others, we’ll see ;O

dunno what else to say really but here’s a funney lil guy



Welcome! Feel free to share when you get your first project up and running! One of my favorite things to do on this forum is tinker with budding game devs’ new projects. Get an audience, get the creative wheels turnin’, and push the game engine - and the waistlines of the characters therein - to their limits! :pregnant_person:

Hope to see its first release! Stay positive, release something you like, and most importantly limit the scope of your first few games!

Welcome to the pit! I hope your project goes well!

Welcome aboard, Chel! Hope things continue as planned for you with your debut project!