Chub, Chomp, Chill: Simple Virtual Fatty (Version 0.4 Out Now!)

1,000,000 is the goal to move out of the warehouse, and honestly the fastest way to do that is to wait and soak points until whales are on the grocery shop and then dumb as much as you can into them, then make sure your character has a 3000+ stomach capacity to actually eat them. They can do work rapidly fast

That’s basically what I do but I have vending machines in between to fill in the gaps, about at 840,000, pretty close.

Is there a goal past the outside? Seems pretty impossible to get bigger from here.

One of the posts above shows there are, but I have no idea what the threshold is needed in order to get to that size or how much time/grind is needed to get there, but “several thousand of whales” was used to get there and they were level 95 so… Yeah

You have to hit the cap (125m wobbs). It took a while, I just left the game running in the background all day/night mining happiness points like bitcoin and bought a crapton of whales when they showed up, dumped points mostly into cpacity and happiness. Also utilize the buffs.I don’t know how many whales it took total but I want to say 7-10k. Without whales, I think it would take forever.

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If I can make myself Niko from OneShot, I’ll give you a standing pat

Putting levels into happiness points just doesn’t feel good. Like since its a flat rate for every point you put in it eventually just stops making much of a difference. I would either increase the amount gained at certain intervals or give the player morr options for buffing them by doing things.

Dapk_Macmep, just for clarification, you meant “If I can make Niko’s outfit,” right?

a character is generally desirable, but a costume would also be satisfactory.

I hope so, because…

hmm, I played the original game for a long time and it seemed to me that he was somewhat older, I did not check the information regarding Niko and remembered him only thanks to the memes that began to appear recently in my recommended ones

Some suggestions:


  • Separate cursor to tug/stretch a character’s fat (like you can with Mario’s face in Super Mario 64). The character should have a shocked expression when tugged (edit: oh wait… you commented about this somewhere else).
  • Separate cursor to rub a character’s fat. The character should look relaxed when rubbed. If the character asks for rubs, then bonus happiness is given for rubbing.
  • Separate cursor to drag a character around a room when mobile (like in the Wii’s Mii Channel). When being dragged, a character looks surprised. Shaking them makes them fall off of the cursor and squish back onto the ground.
  • Currently, if a character is too large, the camera is positioned within their body by default. The camera should be zoomed outward if this is detected.
  • New camera type that randomly changes position (in distance and angle) periodically
  • New camera type that constantly rotates around the character
  • New camera type that is locked on the character’s back
  • New camera type that is locked on the character’s side
  • Ability to zoom in further in the outdoor and warehouse stages.



  • An option to toggle on/off the ability for characters’ bodies to squish against walls, hills, and other objects besides the ground
  • Ability to modify a character’s “squishiness”
  • Slider for changing how much a character “bounces” when idle
  • When immobile, the character shouldn’t be able to twist very well when they are “too full”
  • Characters should vibrate when burping
  • Belly fat should vibrate when stomach noises play

Character models:

  • Ability to adjust the height/length/size of individual body parts (ex. shortened legs and arms on a taller body)
  • Increased height options
  • Some way to gain height without eating normal foods (if you don’t want the character to turn into a blob with normal foods but also don’t want the character to look flattened if you only apply buffs)
  • Slider for changing how iridescent a character is
  • Different head shapes
  • Ability to resize/shift facial features
  • Belts that interact with a character’s belly
  • New ears and tails (ex. rounded ears, beaver tail, larger variants)
  • Ability to resize tails
  • Eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Winter accessories
  • Nose textures and separate 3 dimensionally modeled noses
  • Scarves, neck bandanas, bow and neckties, etc.
  • More shoes


  • A bed at the center of the room which can be removed if desired. Characters attempt to sleep at night but you can toggle this off. You can also tell them to sit on the bed at any time. If they become immobile while sitting on/lying on the bed, the bed is crushed.
  • New location templates for warehouse and outdoor stages (atop a boat, beach, snow, floating in water (character’s body would slowly ascend and descend to give the illusion of waves), in a cave, floating in water in a cave, theater stage, the Krabby Patty vault, a candy land, underwater with an air helmet, parking lot, island, mountain, a room full of pillows, etc.)
  • An option to toggle on/off a day and night cycle outdoors
  • Allow NPCs (which can be toggled on or off) to walk around, observe, and climb atop a character in the warehouse and outside

Sound and textboxes:

  • Unlimited custom textboxes
  • Slider to change how often a character talks or how often notifications appear
  • Characters should make a comment when they reach a size to enter a new area (before being given the option to move out). This should also happen when they become immobile.
  • Custom music
  • New sound effects for when a character drags their body against the ground, creaking, and jiggling
  • When characters talk, they should make nonverbal noises (just like when they reject food when they are too full) and their mouth textures should rapidly switch between being closed and open to imitate speaking.
  • Greater diversity of burp and stomach noises
  • Different sound effect for drinking


  • Test room to visualize how large a character can get (like in the weight loss clinic except you can make your character bigger without having in-game consequences). This includes bloating.
  • Test room to listen to all the game’s sound effects and see all textboxes
  • Cutscenes when entering new stages and possibly when becoming immobile (ex. getting lifted by a crane to reach the warehouse)

Food ideas:

  • Food options with more calories than whales
  • Food descriptions state their flavors (sour, meaty, healthy, etc.)
  • Coke + mentos (largest and longest bloat effect)
  • Lard
  • Pie
  • A tree
  • Whole tuna
  • Blooming onion
  • Ranch dressing
  • Entire veggie patch
  • Chocolate box
  • Burrito
  • Marshmallows
  • Giant squid (Kraken)
  • Whole fast food restaurant building
  • Eggs benedict
  • Sparkling water (bloat)
  • Swimming pool
  • Oxygen tank (bloat)
  • Salt shaker
  • Literally rocks (belly buff)
  • Ice cream truck
  • Pizza delivery car
  • Normal glass of water (does nothing but still costs money)
  • Crude oil


  • If weight is lost to make a character mobile again, they still talk about being immobile
  • Color usually doesn’t appear on accessories

THE PATTY VAULT!!! Straight to the thighs lmao


Made it to the final stage.
Holy hell, that would’ve been impossible without an autoclicker.

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Hey Is there a way to run this on mobile with some sort of app because my pc broke and I now can’t afford to buy a new one lol.

Not officially.

A mobile port is a stretch goal on the patreon though, so maybe in the future.

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question, the game in a future update will be for mobile devices, that is, android or iphone?