Chunky Cheerleader (Daz asset, Choice Driven Visual Novel)

Little sneak peak of a render I just finished, this is part of a scene from Chapter Three. Current image count stands at 835!

If those are DAZ models, they’re freaking amazing. Well…I guess we can say we can’ wait, really.

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Hey, I’ve decided against having a Patreon or anything similar. Honestly don’t think I would be able to deliver enouth monthly content to make it worth paying for. Hopefully that makes sense.


Not sure, at the moment I’m thinking of bundling Chapter 1, 2 and 3 together and releasing that as Part One.


Very excited to hear that this is still being worked on! The demo is probably one of the ones I return to the most, I always hoped this project was still going. Excited for the eventual part 1 release, whenever that is!

there is people who pay regardless content or not but i would help you i guess.

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Really starting to get excited for this one!

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Is each chapter going to be released individually or all together?

This was said the last time that was asked.

Hello all, just a small reminder that this project hasn’t died, at least not yet. I’ve done most of Chapter Three now, just reached the 1000 image milestone (if that’s a thing). Bear with me :slight_smile:


glad to hear it, this game rocks!


That’s great to hear, i do hope we see your next update very soon!


Great to hear from you! Take your time. We’re bearing with you :smile:


Can’t wait for the next version!


Hey. I was going through the files because… well let’s be real here. Laura has a dump truck of an ass and I stumbled upon a few photos that are not in the game. Will they be implemented at some point? Or, are they just gonna be there? Also, are there anymore photos of Laura?


do you have a patreon

Just wanna add - I adore this project! And I’m so excited to see the next update

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Question: There’s an image in the game’s files labeled “allthin” that features the girls being well…all thin. It kind of looks like one of the chapter ending images so I was wondering if that’s just some ending I’ve somehow never gotten in my five million playthroughs and if so, how do I get it?

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