Circus Bucculentus

So uh, here it is.

its a barebones and sloppy but it has the most basic features.
Edit:There are invisible fields in front and on the back of the pedestal that change your weight accordingly.
You can pick up the little golden fat with E and “open” the door with it from the text side./Edit.

And for the future there will be an actual level and jumping.
On top of that, chubberdy was kind enough to allow his spritework to be converted to 3D.
Thats all for the next version.
Wish me luck.

Join my discord to see more regular updates on my trail and errors
It’ll keep me motivated.

Enjoy ny first attempt of making a 3D chubberdy.


The name rings a bell, was this based on an older project?

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I am wishing you luck friend.

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The original idea has been put on ice until i have the skills to actually do it :stuck_out_tongue:
But i might as well share along the way :man_shrugging:

What do I do with weight gaming model.blend? Do I need to put that in one of the folders?

oh, no.
Just the zip file will do.
I just make all the resources used available for people who want to tinker.

Ah, thanks! That clears that up.

So for how many people would prefer a one handed aproach to gaming on this forum?
There’s a lot of things you can do with one hand!
Before i revamp the control scheme in future.

  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Just mouse
  • Just keyboard
  • Either mouse or keyboard

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Thanks for taking part everyone!

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