College life as feeder professor

Yea this is what the last poll from my alien feeder link to it here with the poll detail

I am set up another poll for the time breaker. Either play as dragon professor, or kitsune professor

  • Dragon professor
  • Kitsune professor
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For the plot you are hire to be new magic teacher… but when you enter the college you are notice the girls in the college are fat… matter fact it all girl college . Only boys who are allow are workers. Reason for it because the started for girls. Be be warn the school can have weird rules. The people who works must live in the college yard. The school count as their home. If you plan do something to the girls like dating. They must be record. No secret is allow. Reason might be weird… and there be more rule. most of them reasonable. Other a weird.


And player is a male teacher, correct?

yep. you be teaching class fill with college girls but there be 5 or 6 girls to interact with

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5 to 6 Is a good amount of girls. :slight_smile: I approve.

here are the 5 girls so far. I put them in spoil for those don’t want to see them until the game demo is ready.

each girl have role other then students in the game. Right now they know as the skinniest girls in the school.

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I shall wait til the demo comes out then. Thanks for working so hard on creating content. :+1:t4:

thank i say it hard work on two project, one simple other relate to lots of program

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Hey, it’s me there is going to be a list of club girls are the president of. Cover in spoils.

One of the girls be leader of the future mother club. It is about preparing to be a mom and the trials up ahead prepare for pregnancy and raising a child, one of the girls is the sumo club president, and a group of girls gets ready to sumo and plan to enter rank in Japan, 3rd is magic class, it about a group of girls gush about magic and the possible there is… magic otaku club, 4th is might club, it about the club for test your might, see who is the strongest, last is otaku club, about anime and manga related.

If you don’t like it and have suggested replacing one, go ahead, I am all ears.

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Yea change of plan on the club. One of the 5 club become something else. Reason because I think the gym might limit on code I put in for the club… Sorry for that. But be prepare it might be worth it

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On regards to the magic class (3rd): What exactly was this class about? Do you have some ideas for the future on their personal pursuits? And very important is that what are they like- their personalities. So that is all I have on that.
And has the dragon’s life got the final update done? Just to make sure. Been off for a while now from forums. :slight_smile: