Corpus, yet another wg text adventure engine/game (New info 10/10)



It’s been a little more than two weeks since I said I would have something in two weeks, so here’s a small status update.
I’ve got pretty much everything done engine wise for a first release, but I still have a good amount of writing to do. And to be honest, I’m not really feeling the writing right now. I had a pretty good run going but it just died off real suddenly. I’m going to take a break for a couple days to a week and come back.
Nothing dramatic is going on in my life, I’m just feeling a little burnt after nearly two weeks solid of working a bit too much on this.


Everyone needs a break from time to time


Pudge Lover is right. You can take your time with this, just make sure you get to it eventualy!


Alright, so small update a solid three months or so after I originally said I was taking a week break.
I’ve been working on an off on this project for the past three months without really providing extra info. The writing is still continuing to be a major roadblock as I just have been feeling zero writing for a while now. On top of that I set some fucking insane goalposts while still in the honeymoon phase of development (150 separate player description sections what the fuck), so just building up the motivation to start chipping away at it is a task in and of itself.
I also have a shitload of other projects going on right now as well. Pretty much all of them not fetish related at all, so don’t expect anything of that to show up here.
I probably will continue to be super inconsistent on actually providing information or updating from here on. At least until I fall into another obsessive streak, but I can’t say when that will happen.


Well thank God because I thought you not going to up this game. Also this game very promising I will support your game.


I’m sorry but one look at the title and all i thought was warframe.

edit, im planning on trying it. What exactly is the start file?
edit two, i found something that opened a command prompt, it said it was downloading something.
am i bricking my laptop??


also i saw a post above saying youd basically add races by request? sorry if thats ended but if NOT slimegorls plox.