Coven of Calahree, Now Live! (v1.0.0 (Public Demo Available)]

Happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying it! Unfortunately, since the What If? Scenarios have been cut, they’ll likely just be relegated to extra content in the Dev Room. Sorry about that!

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! I hope RPGMaker is cooperating with you through the final stretch!

Whats the password for it?

buenaaas perdón que recién te contesto es que hace poco no estaba teniendo internet pero ahora ya lo tengo de nuevo si el creador aun no lo actualizo del todo la versión puedes ayudarme solo que yo uso el traductor y trato de que se vea algo bien dicha traducción así que si puedes ayudarme

one question: how did you made the fatter sprites? do you have a special plugin for that?

So the “base” sprites for different sizes were donations on the StufferRPG board. The fat face sprites are from there too, and they’re a lot easier to do since you can put them into the “face” part of the generator.

But making the body sprites resemble the characters was me going into a sprite editing software, pallet swapping the template, and editing the features onto it while also accounting for any changes in the outfit.


Up to what chapter does the current demo go?

Excuse me but I did just play the version and I don’t understand why the chapters of the previous versions did disappeared

The current demo, the one marked with the “d” goes up to Chapter three.

This latest version is the demo version. It only goes up to Chapter 3, because the rest of the game will be for sale. The previous demo versions went up to Chapter 4, but as I explained in an earlier post, when I made the initial demo version Chapter 4 hadn’t been streamlined and re-written yet.


Okay so, i’m at chapter 6, where a trio is climbing up, and happened upon a house that needs a key.
I bought the key from the scamming girl, went back, and now the house requires a…code?

The key is the one that you get from the Shady Merchant. Basically, all it does is unlock the Dev Room in Chapter 6, since you’re away from the cave where the Dev Room is usually located.

Also, getting the key is one of Lady Dienro’s quest items, but that too lol.

So nope! Definitely not a bug :slight_smile:

oh so that’s why it wants the code. k thanks

Okay, the next one is likely a bug tho, i can’t enter the church. And because of that can’t proceed.
And the options to talk to the weapons’ seller immediately close the interaction window.

If youre in Chaoter 6, you should definitely be able to enter the church. Myself and all of my bugtesters have been able to do it. There was a bug a few versions back where this happened, but I’ll check it out.

I wont be back at my PC until later today, but I’ll look at it tonight

I think i have to say this, I’m currently playing on a save ported over from the demo.

That might be the problem. I suggest starting over with a new playthrough normally, but this full version especially. A lot of switches and variables got changed around, and it can really mess up your game if you import save files from incomplete versions

Oh i see, welp. There goes my grind then. Thanks still.

Hey i know i’ve talked a LOT but uhhh. I’m at chapter 3 again after starting from zero and…as i went into the tavern, the interactions are those of chapter 2, same goes for some npcs outside like the meat guy, also lady dienro saying that i have to wait untill the next update for her quest.

What version are you playing? This sounds like an issue that I fixed in an older copy, and the v1 version will be dropping tonight