Crash Landing Diet

So here the game idea.

You are an alien who crash landed on earth and you get a job to pay for to repair your ship but you start to like human food a lot so you have to balance the cost to fix your ship and the cost of food and rent.

Game play is going to be at the start of the week you got a list of parts and the cost of them and at the end of the week you buy for the parts with the money you have till the end of the week you can work your job also you can walk around the town, eat food, do side quest and get more money or food also last meet friends who can help you when the ship or fatten you up.

The game would have many ending like you fix the ship,you fail to fix it and also you are to fat to fat the ship and more.


What genre or playstyle will it be, though? Like Visual Novel, that seems the most fitting for the story?

That is a good idea to did a visual Novel that opens the door for multiple Chooses and tons of ending.