Creating a minecraft mod with heavy themes of inflation

Hello! I am working on a project I have so far simply titled as “Plumpon Dimension”. it is a vanilla+ themed mod that adds one new dimension where new items can be found and where unique gameplay mechanics will need to be traversed by the player.

Current features:

  • A simple buoyancy effect where mobs and the player can become lighter or heavier based on the atmosphere around them and the gasses they have recently come in contact with which will function as a pivotal feature in gameplay due to hazards both above and below and certain biomes where buoyancy works differently based on the atmosphere.

  • A custom new ore that functions with the sole purpose of saying “fuck you” to other mods by creating a pickaxe that can mine any block other than bedrock, a sword that can damage any foe, and a crown that will protect you from being one-shot from full health. (These items are, otherwise, on par with diamond gear, and whose sole focus of existing is purely to bypass cheap mechanics, such as being unable to harm certain mobs unless your combat level is high enough, like from Nevermine: Advent Of Ascension.)

  • an inflatable balloon-fish-mount mob that will inhale clouds it passes through, changing it’s buoyancy to a greater degree than the player, allowing limited, but safe flight in the Plumpon dimension. It is naturally predated by another mob that spawns in a biome particularly filled with clouds with ranged attacks, which will shoot projectiles at this creature that will inflate it until it bursts.

  • A farmable bush that produces 1 large fruit that gives a small amount of food, but adds a high amount of positive buoyancy.

  • clouds that can be picked up and placed with special bottles, as well as brewed into splash potions to create pads to stop your fall or inflate any foe that gets caught in their radius with the respective gas type.

Planned features:

-underground sprawling cavelike generation with bioluminescent mobs and plants

-crafting ingredients that can be used to make familiar, but interesting spins on vanilla objects (such as scaffolding that can be built on roofs and floats upwards, like gravitite from The Aether.)

-a biome where the atmosphere is too dense, making the player fly up into a ceiling of spikes if they are inflated or are wearing any pieces of an especially buoyant armor added by the mod.

Features I will not add:

  • Any non inflation or WG kinks as features
  • forcefully changing the model of the player, or changing the model of any player on it’s own at all. Special commands will be put in place that can be used with command blocks to change the player’s armor, which can be used in tandem with other mods, such as the CustomPlayerModels mod, to change the given player’s model based on their fullness instead.

that being said, I’m looking for ideas and sprite artists to help me flesh out this mod, and make the Plumpon dimension a place worthwhile to go to somewhere between the nether and the end! all ideas are welcome, please direct your questions and comments about the mod to this discord server where I can reply to them quickly:


lol nice! Looking forward to this one! the dimension sounds fun!

Hey letting you know the link is expired

Oh and if you need beta testers i can do it after school and such but I’ll have to import it from my phone due to crappy wifi

Apologies! Here is a new link that will not expire.

Thank you have a nice day

Your discord link doesn’t work. But love the mod idea.