Crusader Kings 2 - 3.0's weight gain

or just places of greed in general, any place known for lots of food or money for food

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I could make Alexandria or the kingdom of Egypt another major goal for the religions, maybe holding it (and meeting the other requirements) will give the faith that holds it a buff instead of giving the other a debuff. I think Jerusalem would still be very high on the priority list for Christian heresies seeking legitimization, and they are still Christian at the end of the day (albeit very bizarre Christians). I’ll consider it :slightly_smiling_face:.


I’m getting around to fixing the temporary obese glitches now. So far, I’m fairly confident that I found the culprit for continued feeding after temporary obesity is finished and the homosexual characters impregnating each other. After looking at the code for that event, it’s a rat’s nest. I need to fix some errors and remove redundancies from it.


I’m also curious on your ideas for bloodlines.

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I have a few bloodlines in mind, I’ll list a few of them here:

  1. Standard fat bloodline- unlocked by gaining a massive amount of weight on one character without the deliberate assistance of potions. How much weight will vary from character to character, example; a Decadentist will need to gain significantly more weight to qualify than a Catholic would due to how much easier it is for them. Benefits for it would be fairly slim; an increased monthly prestige (they all will do this, but this one will have more monthly prestige than the others), an increase of stewardship +1 (partially balances out the stewardship penalty to gluttony), Upon growing up into an adult a character will have an option to choose a fetish trait if they want, small weight gain from the weight pulse for the character and the character’s spouse.

  2. Hunter bloodline- Using the future hunting skill/system, hunting and eating/feeding lots game meat and fish they will eventually unlock the bloodline. The bloodline will have the benefits of giving it’s members +1 martial, monthly prestige, improved tribal opinion, all members are born with some inherit hunting or fishing XP.

  3. Potion bloodline- Character with a vast knowledge and use of the potions will gain this bloodline after using many potions (and all potions at least once) you get the bloodline. The bloodline gives characters +1 learning, prestige, a free set of potions every time the weight pulse fires, access to further your knowledge on potions by allowing characters learn how to make new potions (what kind of potions I don’t know yet, but one of them will be a weight loss potion you can give people for an opinion buff if the receiver would want it).

  4. Not So Temporary Obesity- If a character remains temporarily obese for a very long time, have 100 hedonism variable, the hedonist trait, and the gluttonous trait they will unlock the bloodline. The bloodline will give prestige, a passive minor weight gain effect for the weight pulse, gives characters 50 hedonism variable whenever going into temporary obesity, and a 5% chance for these characters to blimp up into temporary obesity every time the weight pulse fires.

  5. Victorious Bountist/Decadentist - Bloodline awarded to the dynasty of either Bountism or Decadentism that managed to capture Jerusalem and give the rival faith a debuff first. This is actually two different bloodline, as they will have different effects depending on which religion is followed. I haven’t quire worked out what they do beyond making all Bountist or Decadentist like them more, monthly piety, and monthly prestige. They will probably have an effect that will make their respective unique religion features easier to accomplish.

  6. Baker and Cook bloodline - Very similar to the hunter bloodline, but for cooking/baking instead. It would give learning +1 and all children of the bloodline will have some innate cooking or baking XP.


Wait so Temporary Obesity will fire without a potion eventually?

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Yes, I want a few ways for it to happen. I won’t, however, allow it to happen if players turn off the fantasy elements in the mod’s future options menu. Demons, half demons, and fallen angles with the gluttonous trait from Luxuria Fantasia will also have a 5% chance of randomly going into temporary obesity from the weight pulse, the skeleton for this is in place already, but I haven’t fully fleshed it out yet.


Feeder/feedee bloodlines tied to fattening a certain number of people up (with variants perhaps depending on if it’s courtesans or members of your own dynasty) would be fun.

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Out of curiosity why did you call it Temporary Obesity instead of Temporary Immobility, that seems to make more sense to me.

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I came up with it on the spot and just kind of stuck with it :slightly_smiling_face:.


Fair Enough dude fair enough. Cant wait for all of the fun stuff to come to fruition.

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I got TightFit’s idea for the event where armor doesn’t fit characters when leading troops in the mod now. The order I’m tackling the ideas is that I’m doing all of one person’s ideas first and then moving on to the next person once I’m done. Looking at it, I still need to tinker it a bit, because characters can just get sort of screwed by it no matter what they do (screwed is a harsh word for it, but the player should still have some way to prepare for this).

The event, you would think would be simple, but I couldn’t help myself due to it being a simple sounding concept. If your character has at least 40 weight level (I’ll refer to this as the fat version of the event for brevity) or has at least 25 weight level and a female specific body shape or pregnancy (tentacle pregnancy from Tentacle Dreams as well, though now as I type this, I realize that I need to also do dragon pregnancy as well.) The events are mostly the same between each other but there is one option that is unique to each version. First though, the three events that are present in all of the events. First there is the simple “ignore” option, this one just gives the character an “Ill fitting armor” penalty for 60 days which gives a penalty of -10 combat skill and -1 martial skill. Then there is the option for lustful, hedonist or Nekos that gives you a 20% of getting the feedee fetish, but this will give you the ill fitting armor penalty for the full 90 days. The last option for all versions, is the feedee fetish option where they get aroused by the event giving +25% bonus to fertility for 90 days and the ill fitting armor penalty for 90 days.

Now for the unique options for each version of the event:
First, the fat version (which is also the only one male characters can get). The fat version allows the character a chance to slim down as much as they can to fit into the armor (-3 weight) and only having the ill fitting armor for 30 days.

Second is the Belly version (which is another thing I need to change, because I need to separate the fat female belly event from the pregnancy traits for more writing freedom). Kitsune’s get a unique option for this version if they don’t like being fat (and it needs to be fat, pregnancy doesn’t trigger the same response). They get upset that their huge belly is getting in the way of participating in the battle. They have a 20% chance of getting the depressed trait and get the Ill fitting armor penalty for 60 days. If the Kitsune qualifies for getting this event, the “ignore” option is removed. Once I get into doing stuff for Kitsune, this will be one of the first events to lead into a larger system I have in mind for them. It would be optional, since I wanted some part of the mod to have more teasing/shaming base covered. Kitsune were perfect for that since LF portrays them as dignified as opposed to their opposite race, Nekos, who are portrayed as lazy and hedonists. For those that would want to play the Kitsune without that angle, that is something I have planned.

Third, The breast event has an option for Demons, half Demons, and Fallen Angels. Nothing special, just a 40% chance of becoming lustful and 60 days of Ill fitting armor.

Fourth is actually 3 different versions of the event that go to Nekos, all with the same benefits. If the character has Thigh, Hips, or Butt as their specialized body type (if the character is bottom heavy, then one of them will be randomly picked). The Neko must be fertile, attracted to males or in heat and not be visibly pregnant in order for them to be able to get their option. The Neko will then decide to have some (a lot) of “fun” with the troops, resulting in pregnancy. Te Neko will also quit their job as a commander after doing this as well, but do know that if they are leading their own army they will continue leading the army. Following with the other Luxuria Fantasia mod, if the Neko has the breeder trait (which they get during heat) they will only be able to choose this option.

I will need to iron out a few things for this yet, due to pregnancy throwing a wrench into the whole system (won’t take much to correct though).


I’m trying to think of other ideas that might seem interesting…maybe artifacts? where they increase prestige gains based on weight levels, or special armors that increase Combat prowess based on weight level?


How did you Jurry Rig something for that bloodline? I’d love to fire that thing multiple times

How about make it so the player can chose to eat or feed their spouse/prisoners larger diets/meals than what the mod currently allows. They would get a special diet option that would make them gain at a higher rate than normal for every weight pulse. You could canonize it by saying they take their religion so seriously that they can push themselves to stuff their guts beyond what the average peasant is capable of. This could be considered overpowered and mess up the game balance, so maybe nerf it so you can select this diet for only one character at a time and only allow the player to chose it every 2 or 3 weight pulses.


I made the revisions to the event, I’ve made a version for pregnancy (normal, any tentacle, or dragon. It’s the same description no matter which one). It’s very simple, you only have 1 option (if anyone else has any ideas I’d like to hear them. Your character gets ill fitting armor for 120 days, and gains the stressed trait, because it’s really dumb to be leading troops in that condition.

I made it so characters with the diligent trait can’t get the event due to their aptitude for planning ahead (Although the pregnant event will still trigger). Since the weight requirement for the fat version of the event is the same with the tight clothing events, if you have the advanced wardrobe modifier, the chance of the event firing goes down by a significant amount. Characters that qualify for the female body modifier versions of the event will also have a lower chance of firing the event unless they are pregnant, or have a weight level of 40 or higher.

Fat hips are also now functional, and will give the woman a health buff when they are pregnant (lv1. +0.5 health -> lv.5 +2.5 health. Temporary Obese hips give +3 health when pregnant).

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maybe an option to bring an entourage, like how shield maidens work

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Got some play testing in, and I was correct about the religions. They will spawn in on their own like any other heresy would if moral authority of the parent religion is low. For those with Charlemagne installed (because of the earliest start date), Bountism will likely see quite a decent spread, but due to Orthodox being a mess in the beginning of the game, Decadentism will have a little trouble getting started (I will probably give them a a little boost if this start date is chosen to fit the lore of the two heresies).

EDIT: I also found a bug where I would have both the pot belly modifier and another weight level modifier at the same time. I am almost positive this is from an oversight that occurs when losing a weight tier and then gaining it back, but I don’t know when exactly.


Hi, just wanted to say, loving the mod so far.

Next are a few bugs? or just weird things that happened in my game, for reference I was Neko, earliest start date, shattered world, and only had this mod, Luxuria, and tentacle dreams installed.

Couldn’t get potions right away because I started in a place without a potion seller bought, but was able to get the potion seller to work through a hunting event, that event gave me a bottom heavy potion that failed to work when used on my playable character, however, I was able to get it to work by going to the potion buy menu and getting another one.

The friend baking event chain can start as early as when both characters are 6 (my second character) and 5 (the friend). I don’t know if that broke it because not only was the description missing, the choices were not showing effects. Also, while I was not able to check weight of the character I was playing before the event (the pop up for the check weight would be blank) after a couple rounds of he baking event, I somehow had Weight level -1 at around 8 or 9.

Also tentacle feeding started at what I assume is level two? The option for the event is Tentacle_Feeding_2 or something like that, don’t know if that is just because I was already passed chubby when I started encountering said tentacles.

And I could not use the go on hunt, hold summer fair,or hold feast decisions, but it has been a long time since I have played CK2 so it might be something that got changed.

I hope this helps and I am not just bringing up things that just are not implemented yet, I really like this mod.

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I’m glad you are liking it :slightly_smiling_face:.

My potion system is separate from LF’s, so at the moment it requires either the use of a console command or taking the hunting focus to have access to at this time, but I will make it possible for just vanilla owners to get the potions.

When you say that the bottom heavy potion didn’t work, what do you mean exactly? The event might have just given you the flag and then waited until the event that handles the modifiers fired, I need to take a look at that.

The baking friend event is going to be completely rebuilt from scratch to account for how the baking XP system works, and because I figured out a significantly better way to make an event like that.

Tentacle feeding version 2 starts if your character has the tentacle brood mother trait (it’s the green and white one you get after getting the breeder trait). I’m probably going to rework those in the future as well.

Going on hunt I believe is based on how long you have the hunting focus, holding a feast requires you to be in the christian group (for whatever reason), and I believe the summer fair is the same.

It does help though, I’m glad you like the mod :slightly_smiling_face:.