Cuisine Crusade (Alpha Download V0.11)

Heads-up: Not too much fetish here. Just a game with characters that gain weight.
Also download is pretty old, that’s when it was in prototype thing. I’m going to update the link tomorrow with an updated version (maybe) but we’ll see.

Quick Description:
This is an RPG where your objective is to fight off enemies while trying to avoid getting fattened.
You can defend, attack, charge your stats, or use an item.
Analyze the opponent to make sure you won’t make the wrong move…

UPDATE (5/24/2020):
I don’t feel as I’m ready to tackle such a big project (since this is my third game and this game is quite larger than the other games I’ve created). I had some other ideas in my head, but I don’t feel like I can get a lot of experience from doing so.

I will be creating some other games in the future, so I hope you will follow my other games!

Who knows? I might come back to this game when I really feel like it (which isn’t now).

I’ve made sure that it can run on both Android and Windows.

I’m working currently on more backgrounds and other quick things, so it’ll be quite a bit of time.
You will be able to download the completed first world in (maybe) a month or so.

But in short, I’ve just come back from school and stuff and I hope to put more hours into this project!

I’m actually creating a game with weight gain elements sprinkled onto it. It’s not your typically fattening game, so take what you want of it.

Contains the entire first world! Everything I’ve done is found here.

[ APK ] Android (5/24/2020)
[ PC ] Windows and should work on other PC platforms (5/24/2020)

[ PATREON ] if you really want to support.

I hope you guys enjoy and leave any critiques you have so I can take them to heart!


I liked,i hope more updates…<3

Its very cute artwork and I want to see it go forward. I hope you have fun making it.

It’s looking good so far, although I didn’t understand what those arrows meant before each turn

I refer to it as the matchup chart (for example, if you attack and the opponent defends, and it shows a green arrow, you would beat out it’s shield. Red arrow means that your attack would do no damage, and gray arrow means both stats are equal.

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Interesting. I’ve played Magic Pengel: The Quest For Color (It involves rock-paper-scissors-esque combat), so I kind of understand, but the wg elements will make it all the sweeter once it’s complete!

i cant get anything what doesnt sugar :smiley:

Just a quick FYI, if you change your link from ending “?dl=0” to “?dl=1” Dropbox will offer the .zip for download rather than showing the contents.

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I love it can’t wait to see more

Looks cute! Can’t wait!

It looks cute but one criticism I would have is that gaining weight from losing health creates some strange incentives. you are basically rewarding the player for doing poorly


While the idea is good, I think I can’t really apply it since the core mechanics are already set. I could set the character to already being fat then when damaged, lose weight, but it sorta defeats the purpose of weight gain.

My main inspiration was FattFatt, so I think I’ll have to use my system for now. I might make something later with your concepts in mind.

Oof, I was going to download this game, but now I’m not so sure.
Definitely tied for my least favorite kind of kink game gameplay, tied with “all the lewd content is in the bad ends” games.

Then again, the ONLY exception I’d make to that aversion would be if the game’s built around the concept of “if you do good, enemies get all the fat/size stuff done to them, but if you do poorly, then your character gets all the fat/size stuff, instead.”

Unrelated, but bad-end focused games are definitely the worst, unless the game itself is designed to be tough as nails so you actually get to SEE the content, or you unlock the bad-end pictures/videos when you beat the thing that would’ve normally bad-ended you.

Yeah, I guess it’s going to be a game with niche tastes. I’ve actually been doing a bit of Kaizo runs in my free time so I thought I would make a game with similar difficulty. Of course it won’t be hard as hell off the bat but I was planning more in the future so hopefully (in the later stages of development) it’ll be clear what I was going for.

Also this was a bit more of an experiment because I’ve seen multiple games take similar approaches (from what I saw), so I was willing to risk and make something different.

You’re a braver person (man?) than I. I couldn’t do Kaizo at all, because my patience for things like that is totally abysmal. Have fun, either way.

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Updated with some weight gain elements, hopefully the game concept is clearer.
There’ll be some other weight gain scenes, but this is the main character’s version.

not sure if there is a bug but when I defeat the first enemy it kicks me out of the area and when I re-enter the dialog plays again. seems like the game doesn’t progress

Oh yeah, it’s just a debug stage for now, I want to release the entire world in its entirety (basically when finished). I just wanted to post what the key controls and gameplay it will contain. Right now, I’m refined some things and adding other stuff.

It’ll be a bit but I want everything to be completed.

that’s what I get for skimming through the update post.