Cursed! opportunity

I’m guessing a lot of you are familiar with the TG/TF-themed RAGS game Cursed! It’s one of the few games I found on that actually had legit weight gain content. If you’re not familiar, basically your guy character is turned into a girl character, and one way you can develop is in weight. Mostly by eating more than you exercise; it’s a life sim game. Fairly click-heavy, but the developer (AnonymousMan) is still working on it pretty consistently.

In fact, one of the rewards for contributing to his Patreon is a chance to add an event (for $5) or a character or major content (for $20) to the game. Well, I liked and played the game enough that I subscribed last month, and a few days ago he messaged me saying I was one of the contributors that was drawn for a random event. He asked what I would want to add, and I told him I like bigness. He said that was cool and asked if I had any ideas for an event.

Since it’s a one-time random event, and I think I can add a choice or two for the character to make, here’s what I suggested: the character comes across a store of some kind selling super-fattening treats. Either you gain a lot of weight all at once, but just into the weight stat (it doesn’t affect hip, breast, or butt size). Or you gain some in all of those places, giving you a boost to being the big beautiful bimbo you always wanted to be (yay alliteration).

He hasn’t responding again yet, but since I wanna give this cool game some more attention and this is a neat opportunity to add more WG content to a popular game, I wanted to ask you all if you had any suggestion for how to make the event more fun or interesting. He hasn’t given me any specifications for length or complexity, so just throw out whatever you think would be cool and we’ll discuss.

That’s great news! I always wish that game had more content like that. I even tried modding in a bells size description but really wasn’t a fan of how the weight gain was implemented code wise.

But thanks for contributing to it!