Curvy Town v-0.2.2

Guys, in the October update I will show all lodge members, including the chapter. And within most likely two or three updates (but most likely two) you will understand the whole logic of preference in the future heir.

Also in the October update I will tell you about Valerie’s help to the lodge.

Yeah, the story and plot don’t bother me at all, it’s the translation that’s my biggest issue. The misuse of male pronouns at times, especially with respect to Sam, is jarring (somewhat implying that Sam is trans?). Of course, if Sam is trans, that’s fine, it should just be somehow specified if true. (But it would somewhat explain “her” being completely flat to begin with, and would add some new intrigue to the plot if true.)

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No, it’s just that I can’t always keep track of it because I’m so tired when I’m translating, and because I use machine translation, it takes the name Sam as a male name. If you know of any mistakes, please email me and tell me where they are and I’ll fix them. I apologize that there is such a problem, but my knowledge of the language does not allow me to translate quickly and efficiently, as well as correctly, so there are such errors.

P.s. Sam is 100% girl. It’s just that the author is a bit short on time to do everything alone))))))


loved the update, all cooking into a some nice stuff :3

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Update 0.2.2 is out on boosty!!!

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Update 0.2.3 is out on boosty!!!
Access to the update is limited to subscription level!

Tier 5-Today
Tier 4-14 November
Tier 3-16 November
Tier 2 November 18
Tier 1 November 19

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what’s new in 0.2.1 or 0.2.2?

-Changed the font in the whole game, now it’s a separate font of my own.
-Added pictures with the designation of the chapter and part of this chapter.
-Corrected spelling errors.
-Added a continuation of the story.

-New animated rear.
-The continuation of the story.
-New transformations.


Can we have an option to choose what club we want to be in


Unfortunately no, the novella is kinetic.