D.I.E.T. - Did I Eat Today? - 3.31.2024 - Next version (0.24.0) just released!

I kind of assumed that was the case just from the writing in certain sections. Every once in a while you can tell things were meant to get fleshed out a little more (or at least have the potential to) but didn’t. But that is totally okay! I think your choice is definitely very valid and I don’t have any issues at all with it. Obviously we would all love every single chapter to be like the Nicole chapter, but I think most people recognize that isn’t really realistic. And I appreciate that you used data to come to that decision. No complaints from me! I just more wanted to point out that I at least want to feel like I missed out by something by choosing one dialogue choice so that I have to choose the other and play through a second time since it is really good :slight_smile:

:rofl: quite nice update btw

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Is there any extension i can use in an android phone to play this? I tried Exagear, but it cant open the game

Have you tried joiplay? While like anything else there’s no guarantee it will work or not have bugs, it should be able to play TyranoBuilder games.

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I got it running now in joiplay


This game is by far the best wg games ive ever played, the story, replayability, characters and numerous choices to one’s kinky desire. The only drawback i have that you cant rewind the conversation and the save slot is too little for me

All in all, this game is great


Thank you for the kind words! It’s been a blast working on this :slight_smile: Plenty more to come!

Teaser image for the next version of D.I.E.T.!


The next version is finally here (actually released earlier 2/28/2023)!

I will be posting a trailer likely sometime tomorrow as well - as per usual.

Just as an FYI, I expect to pump out the upcoming 0.12.0 version rather quickly. The script is already done. The goal is to have it posted AT LEAST by March 15th.


Here’s the official trailer for the next version of D.I.E.T. as well :slight_smile:


I love how you are able to intertwine the different characters in different stories. It makes it so much fun to play through when you get to see all of the relatable characters in these stories. It just keeps making me wish you could mess around with a few of them there, there are so many potentially fun story lines! Ah well, I guess some things have to be left to the imagination.

Maya was a fun character. I loved her bratty attitude. Honestly I could have seen even more of it and enjoyed it haha.

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Going forward I’m planning to implement previous characters from different stories more frequently. I think the story I had with Rachel as the scientist didn’t have any previous characters in it, but that will probably be one of the last times that happens :slight_smile:


Teaser image for the next update to D.I.E.T. (Version 0.12.0).

Expecting to release it by March 15th!


Forgot to mention this, but I’m trying to be more transparent on the updates going forward.

Here’s a few things to note about this upcoming update:

  • Not based in realism (dream)
  • Rapid body adjustments (isolated gains/swells, generalized weight gain, shrinkage/growth, breast expansion)
  • Shorter than last update (from 17,000 words to around 10,000 this time)

Can’t wait, I’m always excited for each update :slight_smile:

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Planning on releasing 0.12.0 sometime tonight!

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Version 0.12.0 is out now on my Patreon! If you’re interested in watching the trailer, feel free to click the link below :slight_smile:


Here’s the teaser image for the next version of D.I.E.T. that is scheduled to release next month!


These are different designs I have for Kayla that I’m deciding between. The middle one is the original design, the left one is “Kayla1.1” and the right one is “Kayla1.2”.

Personally, I’m leaning more towards the look on the right. Mixes the best of the original and the left version to still have her be slightly hispanic looking rather than going 100% white girl ha.


They’re all very good. Like 1.0’s kinda intense look, the other’s eyes look softer and more average. Why do they have black lines smudged on their boobies?