Debbie Donut Feeder

Here’s a game I’ve been working on as a way to learn coding and game making stuff in general. I followed a tutorial for the based of the game then researched stuff to elaborated on it and add weight gain elements. Its a very simple game, click on Debbie’s head to feed her donuts and get her fatter, don’t miss or the game is over. getting 50 donuts is the win condition but you can go well over that to get a highscore. I hope to make something way more elaborate in the future but for now I hope yall enjoy!

sorry about anybody having any sorts of issues. I’ve have tried my best to remedy them and I’m sorry if anybody continues to have problems.This was a learning experience for me and I will continue to improve. Thank you!

All art for Debbie was created by Feline-Esque

Everything else was created by me (CrystalPepto)


I’d like to play this game, but I keep getting a message saying “Can not open file as archive”.

Oh, and welcome to the community!

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but no seriously welcome to the community and I hope you have a good time here!

I think you need to extract the file, I used winrar to archive the game which you can get here WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files and then you can extract the file after you install it.

That was my exact thought when making it lol. thank you!

My mouse cursor turns invisible when I boot up this game, can’t really play it if I don’t know where I’m clicking. And the music only comes in on my left speaker/headphone?

That’s the problem. I have winrar, but each time I try to extract the file, I get that message. It hasn’t quite happened before for other files like this.

I’ve had that, that’s a Windows error, it opens zipped/etc files as archives when compatible. Right-click the file and go to Open with WinRAR. Should get you going.

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Alrighty, I was able to play the game!

Its a simple game just as described, and its not bad. What I’d recommend though is maybe a time limit? Like, you only have a few seconds to click on the head each time, and the time limit goes down with every 10 donuts.

Something like that, but its a nice start. Hope to see more from you owo)d

I can’t run the program, once it’s unpacked. Screenshot of the error message.


What did you use to make this game? I’ve only encountered this error with one other project, and it’s completely unsolvable.

URL not working, guess you took it down to fix some errors?

I’m currently having an issue where the mouse cursor doesn’t want to appear at all, unless i go to task manager in which case i see it briefly.

Your mouse is replaced by the donut icon on the screen.

To clarify I mean there’s nothing, there’s no doughnut icon at all, there’s no mouse cursor, all I have is the start main menu, which i can’t select anything because there’s no cursor, unless I alt-tab-delete out and bring up task manager to stop the program then and only then do i see a cursor on the background which vanishes again if I try to click on the program again.

I’m in the same boat. The donut/mouse still highlights stuff but it’s not visible.

pretty good i didnt have a error

created a let’s play hopefully it’ll put some eyes on the project for a sequel :slight_smile: