Debu Complex : a tamagotchi-like game - 01/06/22 | WHAT YEAR IS IT (version 0.6.2)

The dialogs don’t make use of this feature currently, but it is here and functional. Basically, personality traits have two purposes:

  1. defining a “personality”, which is basically a set of dialog lines to use in events and interactions. The dialogs I wrote so far are the default dialogs, but if I were to define an “edgy” or “tsundere” personality for example, I could write dialogs specifically for these personalities and those new dialogs would be used instead of the default ones if your character has the corresponding personality.
  2. refining dialogs. If I want a character with a specific personality to behave differently depending on her traits, it’s also possible. For example, I could give two tsundere characters different dialog lines depending on their traits. In this case it would not be an entirely new dialog tree, but just changing a line or two. Just to add a few small details and make characters feel a bit more unique.

You can think of it as a set of tools to build a custom character. I’m probably not going to make use of it until the game is more fleshed out, but I want to keep modding and customization in mind as I work.


I’ve seen a relationship stat mentioned here a couple times. Is that visible anywhere?

Just curious, are the items/amount Emma brings completely random? Seems like sometimes she will bring 5-6 and then other times up to 9. Even seen watermelon among the larger amount of items so I’m assuming it’s not based on the total item weight.

Pretty sure it’s “relation” in the debug menu

As anonynonss said, right now you can track it in the debug menu. Later on, it’ll be a hidden stat.

Not completely random. The items she can bring are restricted to certain types, some having higher odds than others, and she brings 5 to 10 items every time.

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Updated the resource pack to include the new clothes sprites, as well as the customization tools.

When using the customization tools, exercise caution and backup your gamedata folder frequently as there might be some lingering glitches. If your game breaks after using the customization tools, you can download a fresh gamedata folder from the itchio page.

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Really good game it has a great potential!

Some things I think you can improve besides that ones you mention in the game that “will be added in the future”

-The interactions with the girl (I mean when you click in her belly, breast, thighs or head) can change with the weight of the girl for example one of my characters says that she wants her butt to be bigger, when she is bigger then she can have a variant of the dialog saying that her butt doesn’t fit in doorframes, even she can say something random without interacting with her!

That would be nice to make her feel like she is truly alive and it’s not just a character to satisfy (also, the dialog of “if you don’t like me calling you [PC NAME] you can change it in preferences” can be removed for the girl because it just make her feel more like a bot or something, better put that in the tutorial or just keep it as a “loading screen words” or something)

-The sprites are great, but different forms can make that section of the game just perfect, I mean like depending of the height weight and age she can have de pear, apple or melon form when she gains weight

-minigames, this kind of game needs a rich variety of that, it helps a lot to the part of entertainment , the tetris one you already had is a good start

And for this section I recommend you take a look to the tiny chao garden from sonic advanced I think that can be a good inspiration not only for minigames, also for the game itself

-REAL interactions, so, I think it can be added to the minigame section too but I mean a thing like a little minigame where she just fall in the bed and you rub her belly and she releases some burps or something where you can try to take off her bra and she blushes and get angry at you, y’know just something to make a more strong bond between player and character

That’s all what I can think ¡I really loved you game! I will wait 100 years if is it necessary only to see just a small update

I know make the sprites and think the dialogs for all the personalities can be hard and with programming that can be hell but don’t burn yourself, you are doing great now and I know you can do it great later so take your time and if you want help this community will always be open to you

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback!

Having different dialogs depending on the character’s size is technically already implemented, I just haven’t written said dialogs so it defaults to the smallest size. I just really don’t like writing dialogs, and since the game is still evolving I don’t want to spend too much time on something I know for sure I will have to scrap and redo later. So once the game is more feature complete (= once all status effects and situations that could trigger a dialog are implemented), I’ll start sinking some time into more dialogs.

I can also create a few short events that would play pretty much like a visual novel, through dialogs between the player and their character. Actually that’s something I had in the back of my mind for a while and will probably implement later on.

I’m currently working on that! With the help of Fatahlia, we’re trying to figure out a way to bring more variety in body types (and in general too). It’s a big task that I have attempted many times with limited success before receiving their help, but that’s my current priority for the next version.

More minigames are definitely planned, and I also need to finish the Tetris one. I’ll check that game, a bit of inspiration can’t hurt.

The downside of using pixel art sprites in a game with a character creator is that it require a ton of different sprites. Making a scene on which the character would lay on her bed would require me to make a whole new set of sprite for each body size, redo all the hair sprites and all the clothes to fit the new pose, and would basically double the amount of work every time I would want to create a new outfit. So I can’t reasonably make any minigame involving a full-sized portrait of the character.

Yeah I didn’t explain that very well, I was thinking more about on something like if you maintain pressed left click and start “rubbing” the belly of the character in the status section she reacts like she is having a belly rub, I mean something more easy and more simple but it’s still a good detail, anyways i am sure someone around here will have a better idea in that kind of thing my imagination just dies in that part

I don’t know if it’s known or not, but there is a pretty substantial memory leak at the moment and ends with the game completely crashing. When a player dialog is triggered will slowly fill the available memory until completely full and crashing for going out of memory. I can’t see and send the Error Log it tries to generate because the game actually fails to create (because there is not enough memory to begin creating one).

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Ugh, memory leaks… I’ll look into it, thank you for pointing it out.

When you say player dialogs, you mean the ones that appear when you click on your character’s portrait, for example?

I have not tested those, but talking to an NPC multiple times definitely does.
I noticed that, if I do something else before (like talking in the shop for a bit), inviting Emma when she is a feeder will very likely crash the game due to the amount of facial chances there are in those dialogs.
You can also crash directly in the shop, but requires more efforts and/or an autoclicker.
The memory used by the game will slowly fill up and can be seen with a task manager open and scrolling trough dialogs quickly.
Before the game crashes I spits out multiple errors in a .cpp file about loading textures, suggesting that you are maybe loading new textures every time but not removing the previous one from memory.

Ah, if it’s during actual dialogs with a NPC I think I see where it comes from. Kind of.

It should be fixed in the next version, I improved the file management system for the dialogs and rewrote large portions of code entirely. I think there were a few loose nested structs that didn’t get correctly cleaned. But there was indeed a large leak that got plugged after that refactorization.

I’ll double-check the textures, but they shouldn’t be causing a leak ; the only ones I save in memory are the portrait sprites which are systematically cleaned before generating a new one.