Derik Stuffer!

Hey all! New to this place but I’m so glad to have found it and be apart of it! I’d like to start by sharing my first game I’ve made using game maker. I made it this over a year, but I wanna share it here to help get me out here!


Derik Stuffer v1.0

This is a little feeding game where you merely click and drag food to Derik's mouth. After a set amount of food
his stomach groans and expands!

Click on some food and drag it to Derik's mouth!
In the bottom right corner, there are three buttons; the gasous bubbles prevents Derik from making noise. This includes
waiting for food, chewing and gulping, and gurgles and belches. The speaker button stops music from being played. The
cupcakes on the conveyor belt causes food to move towards Derik's mouth on it's own.

Known issues: 

With the HTML5 version of the game when you auto-feed Derik and it reaches the threshold to bloat up the food continues to move towards his mouth. This is not happening in the executable. I am working to fix this but I don't want to hold off on the game anymore!

Can you also make a female version?

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Maybe at some point, right now I don’t have the time for it sorry!


No that’s completely cool you do you

I really like what you got so far! One thing I’d suggest is to maybe vary up the eating/gulping noises? Since its the same one it can get a biiiit repetitive.

Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

No prob! Its a fun little thing, and id love to see you do more with the idea! Maybe with his body animating, or something!