deviant art weight gain games iv found feel free to add any to the list also if there on the site tell me and they will be gone this list must be the list of all games we can find

now i dont own any of them i just want to have a list and if there dead ill say dead :slight_smile:


Of course not mine, but I might as well add to the pile. More of stuffing/belly expansion game, but it’s a rather complex RPG for what it is.

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There’s also the prequel minigame to Daysdays’ “Feeding Lily”

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Jerkajerk has a list of all his Quest text-adventure games, though some are a bit underdeveloped

Also these by Axlwisp, the first one is a quite long RPG and the second is obviously the sequel, though it is still in it’s demo stages.


great adition to the list

Just to note quick “Unclaimed” projects (projects people are sharing but the original author is not hosting it on the site) needs to be posted under Projects with the unclaimed tag. I have fixed this for you but please make sure you use the correct categories in the future.

Also as a second note, Super 3D Adam and Eve actually already has an official project post that can be found here:

For convenience and to reduce discussion happening about a project in multiple places please search if the game is already on the site before sharing it again.


also if you want tell me i have a crap load of weightgain-inflation games on a flashdrive some are dead meaning they arnt updated


well you could just throw all of them into one big .rar file and upload it to mediafire/dropbox

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Idk about anyone else, but i know i would be interested in that

Idk about anyone else, but i know i would be interested in that

i second this

Do not upload anything that is either ongoing somewhere else or somewhere on the forums unless there is expressed permission from the author/creator.

are the ones that are dead/otherwise not easily findable still allowed?

If the project exists online with a publicly available link, then provide the link. Avoid uploading material that the author/creator has uploaded elsewhere OR has said to not reupload. For dead projects that aren’t any of those things, then I don’t see any problems as long as the creator does not ask us to take it down.


Just kidding, I know some of my games are… Less than great. Still plugging away at Fortune’s Feast- I’m proud of where it’s at, but I got a lot of criticism over how I handled Fantastic Dungeon Extender etc. whatever- Namely, Quest (for obvious reasons) doesn’t let you “import” saved games into newer versions, so it was a pain to redo everything, which lead to me implementing items that let you skip parts, which lead to the game breaking in horrible ways, which lead to MORE complaints, which lead to me just… Kinda wrapping the game up, presenting it as it was, then not touching it again.

I have (through some very thorough research) figured out a way to basically download the playable game and extract it so you can actually edit it (Quest, by default, makes it so you can’t edit a game file unless you have the original, editable file- unless you open it in a text editor and delete a bunch of lines, then replace them with a few different lines, but I digress) so I’ve entertained the idea of going back into, say, Life of Kriss: Day One, or Fantastic Dungeon Blah Blah Blah, but that’s on the back-burner until I finish Fortune’s Feast.

THAT BEING SAID: A bunch of people I used to bounce ideas off of have basically left the internet, depression is a bitch (especially in the Midwest during winter, what’s up S.A.D.) and while I have Fortune’s Feast mostly mapped out in a way that makes sense, and most of it written, I still need to force myself to actually code it in Quest, while also applying for literally every job I can find and figuring out how people pay for things like food and medical insurance- My newest plan is to rob a bank and go to a low-security prison where I can get access to wi-fi and basic human necessities.

Anyways, thanks for coming to my TED talk, I’ll go back to only posting every six months <3


Best of luck with the new game, and hope things get better for you IRL, sounds like you’re going through a bit of a rough patch. If you want someone to bounce ideas off of, I wouldn’t mind lending a hand.

What do you mean. I love your games. I wish u would finish some tho, but other than that I think your work is great!

Sends internet hugs to the Jerkajerk

Love your games and I’m sorry to hear that’s shits gone shit where you are. Hope things get better soon, and if you do need to rob a bank and go to minimum, don’t take a gun, just use a plastic replica or something, the judge will look more kindly on you in that case.

(I am not a certified legal authority :yum:)