DM Looking for Players

Simple request, looking for players who can consistently make a game date, time negotiable. Solo games are acceptable.

Playing in my homebrew Science-Fiction setting. Female WG only.

PM me on Discord @ Tungston Mountain#3132


i uhh… would have but discord isn’t liking your @ sir

any more info on the setting itself & info about your homebrew

Fastest comparison I can make is Mass Effect for the general scope of the galaxy, significantly different aliens of course. Humanity has largely fractured across ethnic lines.

A Galactic Federation lords over most of the core with Criminal elements and two separate states operating outside of the core.


Hmm… might be interested. Is the system gonna be homebrew or are you using something already made like Starfinder. I’m fine with either, just curious.

The Dungeon Master (DM) **assumes the role of the game master or referee and describes for other players what they perceive in this imaginary world, and what effects their actions have. That person is responsible for preparing each game session, and space bar counter and must have a thorough understanding of the game rules.

The setting is completely homebrew. I’m using a loose interpretation of 5th Edition DnD for the mechanical side of things. No Classes, just buy your Profs and Skills with money to become the archetype you want. Yes, you could eventually have Prof in everything, but that’s a lot of sunk money and by that point you earned it.

i’m interested. may i play?

Sure thing, just PM me at my Discord handle in the top post so I can bring you into the Server for everything you’ll need.

Sent a friend request, but can’t PM you since we don’t have a common server