Dungeon of the Devourer - 0.5.7 - The Candy Factory Part 3

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Send pic of you need more help

Here you go

So new character in Chub Town? But interacting resets Jill to level 1. No dialogue, nothing else. Just resets Jill’s level.

I explore the map a lot but I still haven’t found the latest Fan Art and I believe the Extras are bugged, can anyone help me?

Ah shit I knew I left in a dev npc

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thank you so much!!!

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This has been removed in 0.5.9a :sweat_smile:

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is there a vore route alternative scene where Mari gets stuck in the tube in the factory alone? I just got to that part on my normal route playthrough and that scene was pretty hot, but I already opened the door on my vore route so I can’t check without starting a new run :frowning:


There is an alternative ending to the scene. It’s very short and is a gameover involving Issy keeping Mari there indefinitely.

It can be activated on a vore run or solo run.


All scenes that involve other party members usually have an alternative thing to them if youre alone ! (Unless I have forgotten some but I believe I’ve done them all)


I’m running into a glitch. When doing the Candy Dungeon on the vore route, Gabby doesn’t appear. Also when getting stuck in the pipe as well, it says Mari’s allies pushed her out, even though I have no allies.

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Is there any plans to make the big butt girl apart of the team?

Gally is supposed to not appear infront of the factory. You’ll run into her later!

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I noticed that the same bug to what Neon had where there seems to be some sort of invisible party member pushing you despite there being nobody in your party to even push you. I don’t know how the air is pushing Mari but apparently it is pushing.

Yup I have add this to my list of fixes

hello i have been playing your game and i am stuck in the mushroom castle to do the side quest of snacks for the princess and by the way i don’t know how to progress and for example get the rest of the girls in the party in short i don’t know how to progress can you help me?

For Snacks for the Princess, you need to talk to Sporella before or after you start the Seal of Wind Dungeon. If you’re on the vore route, the quest should fail when you eat her (older versions of the game don’t have this feature)

For the other party members, If alive, Gigi can be recruited at Red’s tavern, after the seal of wind. Gally can be recruited after defeating Wallywix in the chocolate factory

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Hey everyone! I finally got around to working on my walkthrough of the game!

Check it out if you’re stuck!

:open_book: Walk-though guide: Dungeon of the Devourer - Walkthrough


This is beyond helpful since i havent played in a long time cause wanted the candy factory to be good to play in and vore route to expand out a bit more too!

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