Dungeon of the Devourer - 0.6.0 - The Reservoir

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I’m developing a game called Dungeon of the Devourer. It’s a RPG Maker game about an orc woman trying to save her village from a magical hunger!

It features expansion and weight gain status effects that give you new abilities, skills, and elemental strength/weaknesses.

Still in early development, but it’s playable for web and windows! There’s quite a lot of content already.

I was told to share the game here, I hope y’all enjoy :slight_smile:

Developed by Glaciepuff and KiraHalcyon
Character art is done by JijaFat
Music by ExplosvShoggoth

:open_book: Walk-though Guide: Dungeon of the Devourer - Walkthrough

:memo:Patch Notes
Update 0.6.0 - The Reservoir
Update 0.5.7 - The Candy Factory Part 3 - The Chocolate Garden
Update 0.5.3 - The Candy Factory Part 2 & Devour Skills
Update 0.5.0 - The Candy Factory Part 1
Update 0.4.0 - The Seal of Wind
Update 0.3.0 - The Wide Update


It’s a good game, give it a try. I’ve been watching on itch for a couple months and it gets regularly updated. As with most games in development there are occasionally bugs so do try to save often is my only recommendation.


Taking a look at what we have available, I have to say, first off, that I LOVE the silly jump button’s animation. The presentation is overall great with a strong sense of aesthetic and character design. Lovely ladies, all of them, and as you develop it, I think that will only improve.

And now we criticize the RPG part. I have a lot of points to make, but I don’t want you to feel like I’m just crapping all over your work. So before I start I want to say that the game itself is almost spectacular, but a lot of the customizations to RPG Maker’s systems make things tedious or too difficult for what should be a tutorial dungeon.

The battle system clearly had a good amount of thought put into its elemental interactions, but I can’t help but feel it might be a bit too balanced toward the enemies, even with the ability to heal if you have the Fattened status. The first random encounter I had with a fairy killed me because it had the power to take me out in three hits. This might be fixed if the main character wasn’t weak to their attacks?
Healing is currently too conditional and gives enemies too much of a chance to whittle you down, since you don’t quite heal back all of their damage with the weakness applied. This is even worse in multi-enemy encounters.

I think the enemies should probably have higher drop rates on items (if they drop things at all) if you’re going to require puzzle solutions that severely limit the character’s movement space in order to get random encounters. The 2x3 area with the chest, the weight circle, and health hazards all around it is straight up outside of my patience, since I used the meat from the previous chest to heal from a battle on my way to it.

Autosaving after every battle is way too often, and the usual standard “per-room-change” rate that I’ve seen is much more usable.

I don’t love that the map has hazard tiles, especially with long enough reset animations for a complete fadeout before replacing you where you last were. The jump feels like it’s supposed to maybe fix this a little, but the jump doesn’t move you past a stationary obstacle, it just plays the animation instead of taking the step.

So, yes, writing has a solid setup, art is all pretty cute, a lot of the ideas here are great, but there’s a lot of mechanical stuff that makes the gameplay unnecessarily tedious, especially at the start.

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I played this game some time ago and I love it because it feel fun to play and the game play is good.

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Quite an interesting start, definitely making decent work of VisuStella stuff. I will say it isn’t the most pleasant experience at the moment, as combat balance is pretty whack (thank you, autosave, having it every battle is actually good for me), and it is a bit hard to tell where to go and what to do. I was a little surprised when the tutorial just kind of ends.

Also was going for an Eat 'Em All run before I ended up getting my fill of the game. Might have made it more unsatisfying for myself by decreasing party members.

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I’m adding a quest tracker to help know what to do. Combat is still being worked on. Did you have a hard time even while equipping new gear and stuff?

The vore route is definitely intended to be more difficult, but I will be adding stuff to make it easier and different.

Stumbled across this on itch yesterday, had fun but didn’t finish it yet. Not 100% my ideal but I liked what I saw mostly.

jump button is goated

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I played what was available and it was really enjoyable. I hope there is future content with Luci and Red

The potato seems to glitch the game out, not sure if you’re supposed to eat it when already in a fattened state or when skinny though.

That was a good 3-4 hours worth of content. The character art is wonderful so far, and I won’t pretend I’m not a little invested in the story. Looking forward to more!

the smoke puff cutscene was goated


Oh my god thisvsounds awesome!

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I’ve known about this game for a while since I originally found it on Twitter. Glad that you’ve made a thread on this site, it’ll be personally easier for me to keep track of updates here rather than Twitter.

With that being said, the content is great so far, with a good amount of variety with the fetish content. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for future updates.

i seems to be stuck in the glutonny temple becouse i only find 3 simbols

I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I have a lot more in the works! That cutscene is prob my best one I’ve done yet. Hopefully more to come :slight_smile:

Question, what are the flatshrooms sprites? Doing the sidequest

Oh god nevermind, I was thinking it was an enemy lol

i mean the seal of flesh, i only find the one in the final room, the one taht is behind a barrier of rocks and the one wich is between two statues

ok o i did every side quest except the one wich you have to search for gigi becouse there is some plant on the way i must blow them, how i do it?

Should note that Jill’s immobile art doesn’t properly display. It looks like it’s definitely there, because you can see it in her portrait, but her full body display just shows her fattened stage 2 art.