Dungeon of the Devourer - 0.6.0 - The Reservoir

Oooo sick, who’s 1st in line if I may poke around in that general area? :skull:

Pollynym the frog will be playable soon! After a special shark girl :> Then I will do Luci!


As someone who’s followed and enjoyed the game from when I first found it, shark girl is all I needed to hear to love it just that much more!


Hello everyone! Patch 0.6.0 is now released and ready to play!

There will also be significant changes to some of the character designs. If this is news to you, you can read about it here and here!

You can read the full patch notes here:


The fancy dress shop’s shopkeeper isn’t removed when you eat her on the vore route.


Will add this to my list, thank you!

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Hello, does anyone know how to kill the shark girl in the game, I’m on the vore route, so can someone or the creator help me?

I did a full vore route earlier this week and can help :slight_smile:

Spoilers for the fight:

So Nessie on the vore route is pretty hard, as she will instantly defeat you if she hits you with the Devour skill. On the regular route, there are other party members (usually) to keep fighting and she will eventually spit the devoured person out. But on the vore route, it’s a game over if you get gobbled up.

So the strategy is to defeat her in a few turns before she can use Devour. All enemies have TP like the player characters do, and it takes her a few turns to generate enough. If she uses Attack or Savage Bite, she will generate more TP. However, she sometimes will use Waterbed instead as a TP spender.

The tried and true Immobile Belly Slam combo can work well here. You can eat some items before the fight to fill up the TP meter and give you some buffs. Bounce works well too, as she is weak to Inflation damage.

I also want to note there is a bug currently, where if Devour misses, she will still eat you.

Good luck!

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Hey! Love the game, but I think the candy factory boss is bugged; the second she calls for the “spheres”, it hard crashes with a "Cannot read property ‘_baseX’ of undefined TypeError

Yeah this is a weird bug with a plugin I’m using. Been on my list for awhile. It doesn’t always happen though.


hey, have you thought if in the vore route you can eat any npc, no matter what it is, it would be interesting how the protagonist fell next to the vore, but for it to only be a high level rise, don’t you think?

One question is how can I get Savage Bite’s ability, I don’t know how to do it and also I already made the candy factory and I don’t know what to do with Nessie, please help.

Are the new characters (hoping the hungry shark >.<) recruitable?..

They will be soon ! Maybe not the next update, but in the next few! Patches will be in smaller and more frequent than the last big 0.6.0 !

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I lose a lot of progress because the game autosaved as I fell into a pit and died, is there any way to revert it to a prior save?

Sweet! Cause I know the vore route is kinda solo, but it would ve cool to still have one member who does vore for either route



I think I was playing deep rock galactic when I wrote this xD

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Hey, just started trying out the new update! I started on an old save and was able to access the Frog Pond area, but the area after where you meet the shark girl is blocked off. Is it supposed to be? Or where would we go to find the new areas?

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Interact with the statue! Youll trigger an event to fight it.