Earthquake Warriors (A game where you can become huge!)

Earthquake Warriors is a game made in RPG Maker 2003. I started making this game a few what years ago, but I didn’t return to making this game until just recently. All of the graphics are drawn by me. I know I’m not the best artist, I can’t really compete with a lot of other artists on here, I hope this is a game you can enjoy regardless. (That being said, Is I feel like some of the graphics, especially Master Tumba in the screenshot above, could be completely redone. I am looking for people to help me with graphics if anyone is interested.)

Then again, one of the reasons I stopped working on this game is because I felt insecure about the quality of the game. Though I came back to it recently, and I realized it doesn’t necessarily need to be the greatest game in the world. I feel like I have some interesting features in this game that I don’t see in other RPG games.

Choose from a cast of different chubsters and even unlock new ones.

Use special items In combat to use moves, and even learn moves from them.

Save innocent hostages from the crime syndicate of Wolfman Garr/Peggy Bob.

Go from hamburger…

…to Supersize Combo Meal Deluxe with the Gordo Grande gems! Play as a team of 4 or a single boss!

…and even fight some super, mega badguys!

Test your ultimate ham skills in a battle arena and earn points.

Now… the current build is 0.51. Since my previous demo that I released on FurAffinity, I added some new moves (everyone gets a new item, plus a new Hugger that gives new moves to Gordo Grande characters) and and fixed some bugs. There’s also a sneak peak of the next level.

One thing that I tried to do with this RPG is cut down on excessive grinding. Every character is locked at level 50 And the encounter rate is pretty low so you aren’t going to be constantly running into bad guy after bad guy every step you take.

Here’s the link:

And do not be afraid to make suggestions and bring up any bugs that I might have missed . I do wish to have at least 3 more levels, but I might do even more afterwards.


Oh yeah, I remember playing this years ago. While I don’t exactly have the time to give this version a try (other things to do, basically), I’ll try to keep this in mind and give it a once around when I feel like I’ve got more free time.

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Any attempt to break away from the default graphics are worth attention. Also: Wow, that is a seriously old version of RPG maker.

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My computer is seriously old, unfortunately. It only runs Windows XP.

the only thing i can say is that the pictures are not showing for me at all on here i forgot to put that in when i typed this lol


“The required file"ultimate_rt_eb.dll” could not be found! You might need to reinstall this game."
How download or install this dll?

Even though you have them at level 50 the game feels more like a competitive battle in a Pokemon game because of the characters not being able to level up I might be one of the few that love grinding in games for special items and level ups maybe make a few super rare items to find from specific enemies it could give players a reason to defeat more enimies instead of always running away from them


That’s actually not a bad idea, and I think I forgot to add some of the new items to the secret shop, so maybe I could do that with them.

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Sorry the ask,have some file missing?
I can’t open the game and I have RTP 2003.

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Not sure. I’ll check next chance I get.

Edit: yeah, a lot of the files are missing, sorry. I’ll fix that tomorrow.

Alright, I updated the file. It should be good now.

I also decided to make some of the new items that I added grindable. You can only get them from late-game enemies (enemies in the Freezer and what exists of the lab).

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I don’t have “ultimate_rt_eb.dll”,this i haven’t RTP or missing something my pc?

Some file must be missing from the folder. Usually it has the ultimate_rt_eb.dll file in game folders generated because it is a newer version of RPG Maker 2003. If you have RPG Maker 2003, you may be able to copy the ultimate_rt_eb.dll file from the folder RPG Maker 2003 is installed to the game folder and it should start working.

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You shouldn’t need RPG Maker 2003 to play it.

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That’s amazing news I can’t wait to play the game again but unfortunately I have college work to do but I’ll try to get to a good stopping point to play it

If anyone else is having problems running the game, let me know, because I really hope it’s not what I think it is.

It looks fun! because its like an reverse RPG where you play as the boss instead of the teammates

i get this popup whenever i try to open the game

I’m not sure why that happens. I think all you have to do is select one of the options after checking the boxes.

Alright guys, I think I finally figured out that nasty problem. Give that download link in the top post one more go and tell me if it works now.

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