Earthquake Warriors (BIIIG Bugfix Update!)

Since my save is after the ending there isnt much i cant test anymore to see if all is well, the door to fight Garr is locked after getting the good ending.

I went to the lab and got Benny out of there, not sure if he goes somewhere else. I think i did all in the game i could do, good job with the updates.

where is the key for greencario I cant find it

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It should have been behind where Leonard was standing when you unlock him.

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It seems that I am unable to chose greencario as the leader I think it’s a bug

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Well this is starting to get embarrassing. facepalm

I foubd the problem and will update when I can. Sorry I keep missing these things. :frowning:

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don’t worry you are doing great as a solo dev and honestly the game is amazing anyways

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Is this also part of the problem
Screenshot 2023-07-05 203624

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Where did you enchounter this? Also, how? Because that image of Marcus isn’t even supposed to be in the game.

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Nevermind, found the problem.

That one was a bit time consuming, since I had to go through the fights and fix Marcus’s Gordo Grande trigger. It didn’t help that my computer crashed when trying to fix them, so I had to do most of it over, but I got it fixed.

I also got the inability to select Greencario as your lead fixed, PLUS I managed to catch one on my own. Grilldon’s G.G. Gem was broken and just summoned Leonard’s G.G. Form instead. Fixed that, too.


Its a good thing you didnt give up when your computer crashed I dont think most would have kept going


I didn’t have THAT much to do, but yeah. Being set back is never fun.


While I’m taking a break (outside of any further bug fixes) from Earthquake Warriors, I plan on working on my first expansion in August.

This will keep things simple, though. No new characters will be added (yet, although I do plan on adding more in the future), but there will be a couple post-game levels to give the later characters more time to be used. Two main levels, and three different bosses.

The frst of two levels takes place back in the Realm of the Pink Elephant, this time with more rooms and a few new enemies to enchounter, plus the Pink Elephant himself will likely have a different form that I… gotta figure out.

The second takes place in an underground cave, and is home to none other than “King Grund.” Wolfman mentioned a creature known as The Grund right before Mambo’s fight, and The Grund was going to be a boss with his own level (same with the Pink Elephant initially going to have an actual level) in the initial game, but I cut it to lower the workload and possible stress of this project, so I will add it here.

Beat both the Pink Elephant’s 2nd Form and King Grund and you will be allowed to enter the chamber of a secret final boss, simply named “The Belly,” which is the all-encompassing essence of Gordo Grande. This creature will be a multi-formed boss instead of the usual Pink-to-Red bosses you normally fight. The Belly starts out in a normal form before switching to one of three different forms.

-The Belly of the Beast is a mammalian creature who utilizes slicing claws, earth and electric moves and whatever else I can think of that would fit him.

-The Belly of the Bird is an avian monster who utilizes a piercing beak, wind and water moves, plus (again) whatever else I can think of.

-The Belly of the Boss is the least explanitory, being a giant dragon with stone-hard skin, utilizing bludgeoning punches and fire and ice attacks. …Plus whatever I can think of.

The Belly is going to be the hardest boss yet, and I plan to include some post-game unlockables like a boss rush. Because having fat bosses might get repetitive, Pink Elephant 2 and King Grund likely won’t be fat in order to help The Belly be less repetitive.

Among that, I plan to include one more move to everyone’s arsenal, and I want to try and give weaker characters more powerful moves to help them stand out. If there are characters you think are weak or too strong, let me know.


Hey, is there a way I’ll be able to play this on a Mac system?

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Not that I know of, Been.

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I think someone might have brought it up, but I just realized that many of the characters have the wrong arena match in the second arena, so I’ll be sure to patch that up soon, but I want to put in somewhat of a teaser for what I plan for the expansion. Try and complete both arenas and collect all the moves (both forms) for Toasty, Balikari, Mambo, Tumpton and Leonard, then talk to them in the bedroom area to get a teaser for what’s to come, but I’ll explain more when I release the next patch.

…I am so sorry for continuing to release this game with things I overlooked. If you guys know of anything else, let me know.


**I know I keep double-posting, but…

Honestly, I feel a bit ashamed of myself for releasing the game in such a broken state, and releasing so many patches that only fix a few of the problems. I feel like I scared off a lot of potential fans through this neglegence.

This is why I vow to do a lot more playtesting before I release the next update patch. I want to make sure I fix as many broken bugs as possible before not just my next patch, but also before my first expansion.

Also, to those who have stuck with me: thank you for being patient. I will do my best to make it up to you guys with my next patch, and I hope I get everything this time.**


Okay… so…

Earthquake Warriors RPG’s Re-Release is here!

I went through and playtested the game more thoroughly this time, trying to stamp out as many bugs as I could, including game-breaking ones. The complaints office missions needed massive tweaks and fixes, as did many of the events. There was a lot to fix in the third level, and Big Matt was broken entirely. The ending was also tweaked so that images that needed to be zoomed out for you to see the whole pic are now zoomed out or move to show you the whole sprite unshrunk, making the ending, especially the true ending, look quite a bit cleaner. Along with bug-fixes.

-Leonard’s speed is increased. His slow speed became a liability in the end.

-In addition, M.Skinny no longer lowers stats. In fact, it RAISES speed. Leonard must have stolen Sonic’s shoes.

-Bertha’s Pique ALSO raises speed and attack now. Both M. Skinny and Pique originally allowed them to dodge basic attacks, something only mimics and basic foxes did.

-Big Matt and Perfect Garr got a speed increase to make them less laughably easy, with Big Matt being one of the hardest bosses in the game after the speed increase.

-Many complaints office missions now have alternate goals depending on how far you are in the game, with many having certain goals that are ONLY enchounterable if you have unlocked the required area. Upon knocking out a hostage, you get filled with Grief, which kills your stats. It’s a crippling debuff that should only be inflicted on you for a limited time, and missions that required you to have access to a room you didn’t have access to means your life up to that point would e hell. This is why I added new varients so that you never have to go too long with Grief inflicting your party. (I’d still reccomend knocking out the blind rat and doing his mission for easy high-quality items)

-Saddly, both Toasty’s and Mambo’s trunk forms have been removed from their 50% and 25% modes in the arena, as this was a source spaghetti I had a difficult time untangling, so I decided to simplify things instead. 50%-25% Mambo DOES get trunk-related moves in her normal form, though.

So, anyway, don’t be afraid to let me know if I got everything this time. I spent a good month or two trying to fix all the bugs I could. I’m not gonna promise I fixed all of them, but I made sure to fix all the big ones. Anyway, enjoy. :slight_smile:



I feel like I let a lot of people down. I even let myself down. I was so excited to finally release something that I barely playtested my game. And after I went back, did some bug fixing and more playtesting to release a more polished game, I got the feeling I was too late. No one had posted anything about the game. No “everything seems fixed” or “you missed one” or anything. sigh

I still plan on doing an expansion. I’ve been busy, lately, but I do have a bit to show.

Bink Elephant Realm Alt

I plan on adding three new levels, each with five missions and a main boss, all of which I mentioned prior. This is the background for Bink’s Realm, one of the three levels.

Earthquake Warriors RPG 10_16_2023 10_18_06 AM

Also, the overworld with six pathways, each leading to either a small area to explore + a mission or the main boss.

I also plan on doing further bug fixes for things I missed. I know I forgot to revert the battle theme and victory jingle after beating the final boss, but I haven’t seen any game-breaking glitches yet.

But most of all, I plan on making all the Gordo Grande Forms…


…fully animated! I want to not only make them look better, but I also want the placement of the smaller characters to be less wonky, since I needed to set it to manual placement to fit the GG heads correctly, which lead to the normal characters needing to be awkwardly clumped together. That, and the fact that fully animated meat walls are way cooler than static ones.


this game look so cool