Well, it’s a rumbling sound effect from JOJO’s Bizzare Adventure to signify something ominous is happening.


I figured as much, yeah. Just wanted to see what happened when I used the fancy new translator we’ve got


Just finished playing the demo and wow, this is an extremely well-done game so far. I’m looking forward to the full release! At first I thought the final boss of the first chapter was due to me not defeating the B.B.W. before trying to leave the area, but when I looked at the other comments here I realized that wasn’t the case and that I just got too attached too quickly to see it coming.

One minor complaint I have is that you can use reviving moves on alive players. In my case, I tried to defeat the B.B.W. once and got about halfway before I was hit with the Blow the House Down which knocked out all but Lillith. Then when I tried to use her reviving move that I forgot the name of, I accidentally used it on Lillith instead of on the Wayfarer like I had intended. It would be nice to have a failsafe to keep people from using those moves on alive party members. Or perhaps a yes or no option so people can still use the reviving moves on alive party members if they just need the healing, but the healing moves are on cooldown or something.

It’s just a thought, and the game looks and plays really well as it is. :slight_smile:


Thanks for playing, I’m glad you enjoyed it. For some reason, many ppl get attached to Lilith and was pretty hurt to be betrayed by her. The B.B.W is meant to be an extra bonus boss. That said, I guess it should be more fair. Also, good on you to let me know about the revival skill, I’ll look into fixing that for the next version release. :+1:


Sounds good! For me at least, I got attached to Lillith because she was just a little bat when we found her and she was bullied by all the other bats, which the game really likes to remind us of, especially after her form changes (with the other bats saying something like “Lillith’s form changed? We can’t lose to that loser!” at the start of each battle). Also, we watch her grow up and get stronger, and we’re really the reason for it too. It’s hard not to get attached to her then. Not that any of this is a bad thing, mind you. In fact, quite the opposite. Betrayals don’t mean anything if the player doesn’t care about the character that betrayed them, so the fact that you got us to seriously care about a player so soon after introducing them then had them betray us is honestly just expert writing.


question, is it possible to bypass the Lillith fight by NOT form changing her?


That’s a curious question. It is a scripted boss fight for the demo so it isnt possible as of now.


well I do hope it is preventable in some way, because I do NOT want her to drain Deci like she did


I mean, that’s clearly a plot device to bring Deci down to starting character level alongside the MC, so it basically HAS to happen.


well it’s not such a bad idea to add some way to prevent it, plus it is really not needed if Deci won’t be in the party anyways


It’s kind of part of the narrative tho :eyes:
If your talking about not wanting to see that scene, I have implemented a skip chapter function but you’ll miss out on some loots


Yes there will be a new update coming out tentatively by tje end of the month