Entwined Verdancy v0.1.2 - A Tentacly Text Adventure Game

Yeah, Nvidia just… overpriced and no.

AI tools will come to AMD soon enough. I have no use for Ray Tracing and not much use for Upscaling either.

Nvidia cards are overpriced because they have no competition. They’re putting CUDA into their consumer cards and the competition isn’t.

You essentially have to buy from nvidia or not run AI. Or rent servers that are using nvidia hardware.

That’s my next step, I just had to start with a smaller scoped project first to make sure something like this is feasible.

…Unfortunately life caught up with me and I will be out for quite a while :c
It’s pretty easy to make something like this yourself though, took me 5 mins to setup the API calls to the LLM service. 99% of dev time was spent on making the UI better lmao

I’m really just waiting for the FTC to slap them.

CUDA isn’t even available off Nvidia. Someone was coding an emulator and Nvidia updated their TOS to make that a violation of the use of Nvidia software = P

I’m not aware of nvidia taking any actions to sabotage their competitors? nvidia is probably way way behind microsoft in line for a punishment we did away with in this country due to corporate personhood or whatever?

Found the news piece: Nvidia bans using translation layers for CUDA software — previously the prohibition was only listed in the online EULA, now included in installed files [Updated] | Tom's Hardware

This is akin to making windows not support mac pcs though isn’t it? And it might not even be harming the competition, as running nvidia’s cuda software on non-nvidia products gave TERRIBLE performance, they might’ve just gotten sick of fielding complaints about products that weren’t even theirs?

They’re definitely forming a monopoly, but it’s like the 37th strongest monopoly in the US :-/

Some potential with this one, especially with the AI engine at work to generate - but it does feel highly limited to either signing up to a number of accounts to play uninterrupted, or surrendering to waiting for time to get the ‘free’ generations. I would say that you might be better off re-rigging with some pre-generated AI art and sprites for a stopgap ‘offline’ version, but that’s just me being (admittedly) a bit wary of needing to make two different accounts and pay to play a game still in development.

I do love the concept you’re going for, and the presentation is quite exceptional. It’s a very ambitious undertaking, and I wish you well in bringing it to full fruition.

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