ERROR! Introduction

I would consider what happened an error, but that would be mocking myself. for us all to return is the perfect time to introduce myself as the virus I am. My name says it all. I’m merely an error unseen. I stay as a mere shadow in the world of light. I may have Some talent but nothing special. if you ever need some quirky 16 to 32 bit sprites, i’m on your phonebook for free.

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Welcome Error, TRY as you might but you have CAUGHT. The exception handler has been awaiting you

Aww, don’t let grot intimidate you. Remember, there aren’t any mistakes, only happy accidents–and we’re very happy to have you!

He didn’t scare me. I just tend to be… what’s the word? a wallflower. i’m a fairly silent person. don’t expect anything out of me.

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Wallflowers can be very pretty. We’re glad to have you no matter what!