Escape room/Don't Escape-esque style game ideas

For those who don’t know/remember, the Don’t Escape games were a series of flash-type games with gameplay based on escape room point and click games. However, instead of unpicking a series of puzzles and locks to escape, the goal was - for one reason or another - to make your surroundings as airtight and secure as possible. (I think in the first game you played a werewolf trying to stop your wolf form from being able to get out and hurt people.)

I was thinking about ways the format could be adapted to include gaining or stuffing of some form and I had a couple of ideas I thought might be worth sharing.

In a fantasy world of some form, the player character is tasked with crossing a land called the “Great Dessert”, a wasteland of a kingdom left in ruins after an ambitious wizard tried to solve famine. They were successful, but in the process also accidentally made the food animate, driven by the sole desire to be eaten by someone. The land was evacuated shortly after.
The player character travels by day, and takes shelter in the ruined buildings by night. In order to keep the food from sneaking in at night, you’d have to find and seal any gaps or weakpoints in the structure with tools, magic, furniture, possibly their own body depending on how big they were. Come dawn, the player would be rated on how successful you were, failure to secure enough points would see them fed to immobility and game-over, though they could just gain a manageable amount of weight relative to your degree of success.

One issue I had with that idea was that the gameplay and fetish elements are seemingly directly at odds with eachother, but I kinda liked the world concept so I thought I’d share it anyways.

From that, I had another idea, that the player character is trying to stash food around their home, (from other housemates or overly controlling guardian figures) preparing for when they have the house to themselves. Any snacks hidden poorly will either be eaten or confiscated by others, but anything left will remain. The time will come where the player has their privacy at which point they’re rewarded with a binge scaled in proportion to the success of their smuggling attempts. Maybe with multiple cycles, with some methods becoming more or less effective based on character size?

I don’t intend to pursue these or anything, I’m just curious if anyone else has any thoughts/ideas to add.


I’m actually doing this with a text adventure, where the main character is afflicted with a curse that makes her consume vast quantities of food before gaining weight every morning.

Would love to see more ideas based on the concept.