Expand DND campaign gauging interest

Buckle your pants it’s a long one.

Howdy, I’m Joob and I’ve been a pretty long time lurker on Weight Gaming, and have been interested for a while in playing an EDND campaign. It seems however, that there is a lack of DM’s to be found so I figured I might try my hand if there’s interest.

I’m an experienced player of normal DND, having played for roughly 3 years at this point, but I’ve wanted to learn to DM and wanted to play EDND so I figured why not two birds with one stone.

The campaign I would be looking to run would probably based off the existing Waterdeep campaign, but infused and repurposed with content primarily from the EDND main document and Apocrypha of Letidyra document (expansion, corruption, and slob content) with a fair bit of work on my part to more completely integrate systems within the documents.

What I’m looking for in a game is more a lewd game of DND rather than a full on erotic roleplay so probably no outright sex roleplay content. My personal interests are female, furry and non-furry (furry preferred) so it would be best if interests aligned in this aspect as content or narration I write outside of this scope will be of variable quality. I’m willing to try to “tailor” individual experiences to a degree because we are all here to have fun but that is best established later. I’ll provide more detail on what to be expected from me as a DM in terms of style and content at request.

I would probably hold sessions over discord text channel with Avrae bot for dice rolling. I’m not in a living situation able to narrate fetish content out loud. Sessions would be after or at 9pm EST as I currently work nights and have university but I could probably make any day work as long as that time period is acceptable.

Lastly, I will probably screen potential players to make sure I have a compatible group before proceeding and tailor content to the interest of said players. New DND players welcome, I’m happy to lend a helping hand.

Feel free to reply, DM me here, or at Jarrelissad#6236 on discord with questions or interest.

Thanks for reading my essay :slight_smile:


This sound good can i join ?

Sure! If you don’t mind shooting me a DM on discord to talk specifics some time tomorrow it would be much appreciated. Am probably looking for ~4 players in total.

seems interesting, I might want to backup if you don’t have enough people show up.

this sounds amazing! im defintely dming you!

Replying to DMs now as I am have just got home, Thanks for the interest!

Still have space for least one player! I realize my prior post may have made it sound like all the slots are full.

As of now, all slots are currently full. Cheers! Once I get more confidence as I DM I may accept more players as drop ins, but time will tell.

Heya for some reason i accidentally get kicked out of the group and you blocked me is something wrong ? Is this my fault or something ? Cause everything just fine this and i need some explenation ?

Let me know if you’re accepting drop ins!

Hey! Sorry I haven’t been watching this, but I feel like I should update the state of my campaign. It’s ongoing and I have a group of players with similar interests. I’m really happy with what I currently have now. As of right now, I won’t be accepting drop ins. Maybe at some point in the future I will but not for a while at least. Thanks for all the interest I have gotten over disc/DMs/posts here!

Otherwise, I’m happy to talk about EDND mechanical stuff for those who need it. I did end up editing the existing mechanics to be more forgiving (mostly reworking mindless/bad ends via corruption.) Cheers all!