Expansive Service - name might change

“Expansive Service” is an impulsive idea I got after finding a drawing of a “Large” tiger woman asking if she was big enough. I’m gay so the picture itself didn’t do much for me, but the text really got to me, since I’m really into the idea of a chubby sub getting bigger for the pleasure for their “Master”. I spontaneously got the idea for a visual novel where you play as an up and coming adventurer who saves a slave from monsters who offers you servitude in return for his rescue, at least until he can find somewhere to go. But the relationship gets more intimate when he finds out about your kink (Weight gain, stuffing (I’ll add an option to make him exercise the extra weight off), or inflation) and is into it himself, motivating you to take riskier and riskier jobs to get enough gold to continue indulging in your desires.

I feel this would be a good way to practice with renpy since I’ll only be coding in minor choices, like kink choice, species of the servant, maaaaybee the option of having a second servant? I’m haven’t really used renpy before so I might post in the replies if I come across any issues. As for art, I think I can do it, I’ve been practicing on a non-kink account and while I might need to come back and refine it when I get better, it shouldn’t be an eyesore at least. If anyone would like to help with that though, I wouldn’t mind the extra hands drawing for a species or two. You should be able to draw twinks or femboys though, wouldn’t make sense for 4 out 5 of the choices to be twinks and the last one was a bara… though I admit the idea of a kinky bara sub letting you bloat him up is… appealing~ (possible DLC?)