Factory building game but with weight gain

Self explanatory. A factory building game like Satisfactory or Factorio where you can make factory lines but with weight gain added to it. You would be able to craft machines that make cake, pie and other fattening foods that you can then feed to people that are waiting in a chair at the end of the assembly line. Full on NSFW. It would be awesome to see this concept be made.


It’s furry as hell and is an MLP game, but Levy is making a game that basically fits that description: https://dailevy.space/pics/factory/002/b1a.gif (only one GIF because I’m too lazy to go poke through the Patreon)
It’s definitely not the dev’s priority right now, he’s mainly focusing on doing a total engine rebuild for his main game which is mostly just plain sex with the MLP characters and not any kind of factory sim. There IS cumflation, though. No WG.


If you want I could help try making it into a reality. I’m not amazing at coding or spriting but I might be able to help lay the groundwork for something.