Fat Data Series

FDS is an illustrated weight gain RPG, where cyberspace specialists fight malware or challenge each other with their humanoid AIs; expect action and large waistlines!
Updates every Sunday.

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Sprite art by @Cj-x4.3


I love the sound of it! How does the weight gain element factor in?

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Looks interesting so far, will have to keep an eye on this.

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Posts Senator Palpatine meme


Definitely interested, can’t wait to hear/see more.

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possibly they gain code/data as they fight and as the Ai’s gain more code they gain weight

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This is very cool! just wondering if we can customize our A.I

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That’s a good question, so far I’ve thought it like this:

  • AIs use data to perform, so they can be stuffed or gain for better capabilities. The half-finished girl is a stage 1 running on empty for example, and there’s generally 3 gain stages.

  • The trainer just kind of lives in an overweight society, so it’d be mostly relationships. Maybe fighting is mentally challenging enough to drain calories, so being heavier could have bonuses.

No but I’m planning on 2-3 AI families with 2-3 AIs each, so players can have a certain choice for their gameplay (or just enjoy plumping up different AI gals).

Sounds interesting! I’ll keep my eyes on this.

Would you prefer the default short sprites from RPGMMV, or custom taller ones?

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  • Tall sprites
  • Short / default sprites

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I’m excited, the art looks very nice.

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Thanks for the kind works everyone!

I added a link to the very barebones demo in the first post, you can click around Natsumi’s flat (like the mirror) + try briefly her PC, and walk around the town.

For next week I’ll keep pimping her flat:

  • More art
  • Custom sprite (thanks for voting!)
  • Ability to stuff her
  • More PC content