Fat Fortnight: Rules and Scoring


Yes, but inside of concept/design, 700 points are for originality, 300 are for incorporating the theme (not sure how this is different from the points you get for basic requirements), 400 are for incorporating weight gain, and then 200 are for how good the mechanics are themselves. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding what you guys mean by “mechanics”. If all the other categories in concept/design apply to the mechanics, is the mechanics category just for all mechanics not directly weight/theme related? If innovation is tied to the game mechanics, do you get a 0 unless you come up with a new game mechanic? Or is innovation based on using prebuilt assets vs scratchbuilt ones? It’s also frustrating having a part of the scoring sheet that’s just “if your game doesn’t have writing in it, it’s not as good a game”. It feels a little restrictive when some games get locked out of %13 (factoring out the 20000 points you get for basic requirements) of the points because they didn’t make a writing oriented game. It’s like if there were a set of points for puzzle quality. Any game can potentially have puzzles in it, but you shouldn’t lose your points just because you didn’t put one specific kind of content in the game, unless you add writing to the list of requirements on top of weight gain and the theme.
Also on an unrelated note is it possible to add another subcategory under the art category for sound? Not music specifically, just sound in general.